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Save your nursery time and money by automating your financial, staffing and operational processes.

Unlimited Accounts

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Diary Updates


Occupancy & Reporting

Nursery Billing
Nursery Management Software : Unlimited Staff & Children

A system designed to suit you

Unlimited Staff & Children

With Blossom you are able to add as many staff and children onto your platform as you need, no limitations. Set custom staff permissions for practitoners and managers.

Setup to Match your Requirements

Blossom is built to work in any setting. Flexible on opening hours, term dates, room moves and billing settings.

Diary Updates for Parents

With the Diary Feature, nurseries can set a menu and log breakfast, lunch, tea and snacks. For younger children, log nappy changes and bottle feeds and keep your parents informed of any irregularities.

Parents who use Blossom feel connected with the live updates & can view acitivites complete with downloadable photos of their child’s day at nursery.

Diary Updates for Parents

Why do nurseries choose Blossom?

Manage your day nursery with Blossom

Nursery Management Software : Make Observations

Make Observations

Observations can be made with links to the EYFS and CoEL. Plan next steps, track observations per child and give feedback.

Nursery Management Software : Clear Reports

Clear Reports

Operational reports give a clear overview on everything important in your nursery. From incident reports to occupancy.

Nursery Management Software : Invoicing for Nurseries

Invoicing for Nurseries

Blossom’s finance features allow nurseries to send out invoices to parents via email or the app. It's easy to set up and is inclusive of funding, extra sessions, discounts and consumables.

Keep track of payments, debts and plan ahead with the financial reports section.

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