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Blossom has the Montessori framework, as well as many features great for running a Montessori business.


The Perfect Tool For Montessori Nurseries.

Blossom has the Montessori framework, as well as many features great for running a Montessori business.

Montessori Activities

Links to EYFS

Identify Next Steps

Montessori Reports

Send Observations
Montessori Software System
Use the Montessori Framework

Use the Montessori Framework

Montessori Activities

With Blossom, planning activities is easy! Blossom has a library of over 500 Montessori activities curated by a group of Montessori experts to choose from, or you can input your own. Blossom suggests activities which match the developmental progress of the child.

Montessori Software System : Links to EYFS

Links to EYFS

When creating a Montessori Observation, set an activity and then create your links to the EYFS and leave comments.

Montessori Software System : Identify Next Steps

Identify Next Steps

Blossom’s suggested Montessori next steps is
great to help training staff understand which
activities to choose.

Why do nurseries choose Blossom?

Share Montessori Reports

Create Formative Reports

Track a child’s development against the Montessori Framework. See where a child is emerging, developing or secure in different areas, easily spotting areas of concern and send the results to parents.

Share Montessori Reports
Montessori Software System : View Progress

View Progress

Through the Journey tab, parents can see an update from the Montessori Nursery on their child’s progress in an easy to understand format, showing which activities their child enjoys most.

Try Home Activities

The Blossom Parent App features many different Montessori and EYFS activities, built by Early Years professionals to encourage active learning outside of the classroom.

Do you own a group of nurseries?

Blossom has group features built to boost businesses.

Montessori Software System : Group of nurseries
Sandra Copping, Colourbox Montessori

Loved by Montessori Schools in the UK & Beyond

“We found it really great from the start because its given back skills that we thought they were using. They’re back to understanding the ages and stages of the EYFS and CoEL. The parents receive diary updates which they just love.”

Sandra Copping - Colourbox Montessori
Sandra Copping
Colourbox Montessori

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