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Save Time & Money with Blossom’s Nursery Management Software.

Blossom’s child development & business software reduces paperwork and puts the focus back on the children.


All-in-one Software for Day Nurseries.

Run your day nursery smoothly with Blossom’s business, learning and development tools.

Unlimited Children

Flexible Opening Times

Daily Diaries

EYFS Tracking

Plan Occupancy

Detailed Reports

Business Tools for Nursery Groups

With the Group Overview, maintaining and growing your business is made simple.

Group Dashboard

Group Reports

Add New Nurseries

Organisation Settings

Single Login
Montessori Software System : Group of nurseries
Preschool Management Software

Specialist Software Built for Preschool Businesses.

Give children at your preschool the best start in their education with Blossom’s Preschool App.

Flexible Term Dates

Early Learning Goals

Transition Reports

Hassle-free Funding

Occupancy Reporting

Parent Communication

Connect with Parents & Make Childminding Simple

Continue to deliver childcare with a personal touch with Blossom Educational’s childminder software.

Diary Updates

No Age Limit

Send News Updates

Bespoke Booking Patterns

Parent Communication

Nursery Billing
Childminder Management Software
Montessori Software System

The Perfect Tool For Montessori Nurseries.

Blossom has the Montessori framework, as well as many features great for running a Montessori business.

Montessori Activities

Links to EYFS

Identify Next Steps

Montessori Reports

Send Observations

Hear from our happy customers!

The simplicity of Blossom is where it wins. From creating invoices to deep financial insights into our business, it is simple but powerful saving our group a lot of hours.

Majella McElwee
Majella McElwee
Happy Tree Nursery

Financial Forecasting has been mentioned as one of the most used & crucial features. The BM Network are able to forecast expected income years in advance.

Carly Garrett
Carly Garrett
Banana Moon Franchise

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