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Operational reports to give you the data you need.

Blossom’s comprehensive reports give you the information that you need to run your setting, at a glance.

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  • Starters and Leavers Reports
  • Key Person Reports
  • Emergency Contacts Report
  • Dietary Preference & Allergy Reports
  • Photo Permissions Report

Starters and Leavers Reports

Perfect for assessing your performance against targets, and understanding your new starters and leavers.

FTE Reports

Instantly view the FTE figures for new sign-ups and track the nursery’s FTE over time.

Key Person Reports

See your key worker assignments at a glance.

Emergency Contacts Report

Just in case – all your emergency contacts in one place.

Dietary Preference & Allergy Reports

Always be sure that children’s allergies and dietary requirements are available.

Photo Permissions Report

Make sharing photos a breeze.

Maintain Accounts
Nursery Invoicing Software : Log Payments

Log Payments

Nursery Invoicing Software : Monitor Transactions

Monitor Transactions

Product Updates

Blossom releases new features for our customers constantly! Here are some of the things we have accomplished recently.

Product Updates

Hear from our happy customers!

The simplicity of Blossom is where it wins. From creating invoices to deep financial insights into our business, it is simple but powerful saving our group a lot of hours.

Majella McElwee
Majella McElwee
Happy Tree Nursery

Financial Forecasting has been mentioned as one of the most used & crucial features. The BM Network are able to forecast expected income years in advance.

Carly Garrett
Carly Garrett
Banana Moon Franchise
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