At Blossom, we care about providing quality education for all children.

In 2016, Blossom Educational was founded from a simple problem: practitioners have too much paperwork and not enough quality time with the children.

Our software is built by Early Years experts from across the UK, using the expertise of owners, managers and practitioners to create a platform fit for all.

What we do

Blossom’s aim is simple. Provide easy to use software which will save childcare settings time and money. Starting out as a learning journey software, Blossom has grown to become much more and the software covers all areas of nursery management.

At Blossom, we believe in growth. Thats why our product
is never finished, there are always ways to improve. We
release new updates and features every month whilst
directly working with our cutomers to build features that
are useful to staff and parents.

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As a practitioner the thing I enjoyed the most was spending time with the children. One of the biggest challenges I faced working in a nursery was that I was spending a large proportion of my time writing observations and reports as opposed to being in the classroom teaching.

Sara Thakrar

Founder, Blossom Educational

Providing Software to Childcare Settings in the UK and Beyond

Blossom can be implemented in any early years setting, regardless of if you are a childminder, nursery, montessori or part of a large group. Our features are specially designed to work for everyone, regardless of where they work, or what their IT skills are. As a UK based company with our head office in Northwood, London, we are in a prime location to hit the road and visit our customers face to face.

Powered by a simple belief
Every child has the right to an education. We’ve helped provide educational resources and access to healthcare to less privileged children in Gujarat, India.
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The Blossom Team

Sara, EYT
Founder & Director of Innovation

Sara has 10 years+ experience of teaching Early Years. She has also been part of and contributed to the management of a large setting. She holds a Bachelors in Education Studies and is EYT qualified.

Sam, MSc
Founder & Managing Director

Sam comes from a family with a strong background in business. He spent 4 years in an American bank with roles based in London, USA & Sweden prior to joining the family office. He also holds a MSc in Finance.

Co-Founder & Business Growth Director

Ash served as an education consultant during his 7 years at Deloitte. Following this spent time in Asia and Africa with GEMS Education. He is now a partner of Inspire Montessori a family run London nursery chain.

Director/Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Daniel has been coding for 10+ years with a deep understanding of web & mobile. He can see and build apps from the very first brainstorming session, through prototyping, testing, development & deployment to customers.

Chief Customer Officer

Bianca has 10+ years’ experience in Early Years. She has an extensive background in operations & improving the quality of care, education and parent involvement.

Vikas Patel
Acting Chief Information Security Officer
Chief Product Officer

Julius is a digital product and design leader who has worked on a variety of digital innovation projects for pre-funded startups to large organizations. He is experienced in creating memorable and easy to use digital products and is well-versed in Agile, Scrum, and Kanban.

Mark U
Head of Marketing & Strategic Growth

Mark is an experienced marketer with over 20 years of business experience. Having spent the best part of 10 years at global advertising agency network McCann he now supports the wider groups interests.

Lead Back-End Engineer

Tomek has 7+ years experience in Front-End and Back-End development. Programming is his work as well as passion. Currently, his passion is focused on serverless technologies and architectures.

Lead QA Engineer
Lead Creative Designer
Sales Manager
Service Excellence Manager
Customer Success
New Business
Design & Marketing Placement Student
Back End Engineer
Back End Engineer
Front End Engineer
Mobile Engineer
QA Engineer
QA Engineer
Kay Patel
Senior Advisory Board member
Majella McElwee
Senior Advisory Board member
Philippe Fraser
Advisory Board member
Susan Mills
Advisory Board member