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Choosing Blossom’s Nursery Software: Nara Nurseries’ experience

Gill Medhurst, Director at Nara Nurseries
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25 May 2023
Choosing Blossom - Gill Medhurst, Nara Nurseries

What made Nara choose Blossom’s software?

“We chose Blossom because we really liked both the parent and nursery interface. It’s appealing to look at, and it’s extremely easy to use for families and Educators.”

What’s onboarding like with Blossom?

“We were provided with support throughout the process. No request for help was too big, nor a question too silly!”

Blossom is a fantastic system that makes every part of nursery life easier. From improved collaboration with parents, to invoicing and administrative tasks. We highly recommend it.

What is Nara's favourite feature on Blossom and why?

“We love the way our observations of the children are brought to life using photos and videos. This helps us to celebrate and share children’s creations and experiences when sharing their stories with families.”

Our families have been delighted with Blossom. They are already sharing special moments from home using the system, which really strengthens our parent partnership.

What does the Nara nursery team say about Blossom?

“Our Educators have been impressed with how simple it is to upload observations. By using the daily diary and notes options, key persons can share information with parents. The team feels this has led to closer, more supportive relationships with parents, which has had a positive impact on the child’s well-being and development.”

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