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Requesting Extra Sessions

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Generate more revenue
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Booking extra sessions can be messy for parents and nurseries alike. Make this process easy (and quick) for everyone with Blossom’s new Requesting Extra Sessions feature. This will allow parents to request an additional session on top of their already existing booking pattern. This makes their lives easier, and grows your nursery’s revenue by getting more spots booked.

Our algorithm and the variables the platform considers to calculate the availability is top-notch and helps to fill every tiny available spot your nursery may have! Fill these underutilised sessions to boost your nursery’s occupancy, and your business’s finances!

From the Parent’s side

What can I do with this new feature as a parent?


To use this new feature make sure your Parent App is updated to version 2.7.1 for IOS and 2.7.2 for Android.

From the Nursery’s side

What can I do with this new feature as a nursery?

Make it flexible for parents (that also works for you)


Do you have days or slots that are always booked up (e.g. for full time children)? With this new feature, you are able to set specific days, times, and rooms during which extra sessions cannot be requested.

Enable this new feature now and start filling up those empty spaces!
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