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With the Group Overview, maintaining and growing your business is made simple.

Business Tools for Nursery Groups

Group Dashboard

Group Reports

Add New Nurseries

Organisation Settings

Single Login

Keeping Group Information Organised

Nursery Group Dashboard

As a large business, having all the information you need is essential. With Blossom’s Nursery Group Software, the dashboard has a simple look, with all the important contact information displayed. If you need to know anything else, simply click into the nursery and access their platform.

Group Reporting

Keeping track of financial reports is crucial. With Blossom, you have the option to view individual setting reports or use the Group Features to see a financial overview of all nurseries in your group.

Add Nurseries

Make growing your Nursery business easy with the ability to add settings to your account without any hassle.

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The Blossom team are driven and really understand the needs of the modern childcare provider. Blossom has cut the amount of time spent doing paperwork, which means our childcare team can focus on the the children.

Susan Mills

Cherubs Day Nurseries

Keeping your Business Unified

Organisation Settings

Organisation settings, allows the user to change settings for all nurseries, these cannot be overridden and ensure consistency.

Single Login

With Blossom, there is no need to sign in and out between accounts to view different nurseries, simply sign in once and thats it!

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