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Constantly adapting to the sector’s needs, Blossom is the best nursery management software for a business looking to grow, with many outstanding features to offer.

Nurseries across the UK use Blossom to increase efficiency across their finance, learning journeys, operations & occupancy.

Manage your staffing requirements from an efficient and intelligent centralized system.

Staff Profiles

Complete visibility over the team.


Simplify payroll and shift allocation.

Staff Leave

Complete control and flexibility.

Registering children has never been easier, with Blossom you can track children’s attendance and input holidays and illnesses at the touch of a button.


children with a simple click.


Easily filter by rooms and age.

Extra Sessions

Flexibility to add extra sessions.

Give parents a window into their child’s day with the diary feature. Keep them informed about nappy changes, bottle feeds and all of the care their child has received whilst at nursery.

Meal Times

Quickly log children's meal and snacks.

Nappy Changes & Sleeps

Track nappy changes, sleeps & bottle feeds in a snap.

Live Updates

Keep parents reassured with live updates.

Track Child Development

Ensure children are reaching their potential through Blossom’s child development software.

Start Off Strong

Easily assess where new children are in their learning and development.

Access Multiple Frameworks

Birth to 5 Matters, Development Matters, Montessori and more.

Record Key Moments

Document development through pictures and videos, and share with parents.

The childcare log keeps up to date information for children in the nursery in one convenient place.

Easy Setup

Instantly create and update children's profiles.


Record and share notes for each of your children.

Allergy Information

BlossomBoard® provides at a glance allergy information.

Engage parents with instant updates and photos about their child’s day at nursery.

See Golden Moments

Send parents observations with updates on their development.

See Billing Details

Send invoices and receipts to parents.

Home Activities

Access a bundle of EYFS & Montessori activities for children to do at home.

Our software offers simple and flexible invoicing at the touch of a button.

Send Invoices to Parents

Set your unique invoice structure.

Register Payments

Create credit notes. and track account balances.

Set-up Funding

Easily allocate funding that suits you.

Never be over or under capacity, our occupancy features provide you with all the information you need to run your nursery efficiently. Plan rotas with help from the staff ratio and help plan based on your capacity.


Forecast future attendance.

Reach Capacity

Help your nurseries to reach full capacity.

Check Ratios

See instant staffing ratios for any point in the future.

Operations & Reports
Blossom’s comprehensive reports give you the information that you need to run your setting, at a glance.
Keeping track of children’s progress whilst at nursery is important. Never miss a thing with cohort tracking and assessments which let you know if a child is at the right place for their age group.

Formative Reports

Create individual formative reports and share with parents.

Generate Reports

Automatically generate Ofsted-compliant reports.

Keep Track

Easily keep track of your practitioner's observations.

At Blossom, your privacy and security are important to us. We use safe and secure networks to ensure that your data is always kept safe.

Safe & Secure

Your data is stored on secure servers with real-time back-ups.

Amazon Web Services

Blossom Educational and AWS actively protect your data.

Encrypted Data

All passwords are encrypted and your data is protected.

Blossom: Supporting your journey to Outstanding.

Blossom Nurseries

With our own nurseries, we understand your needs.

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Our lines are open, Monday-Friday 9am-5pm.

Help Centre

Access the knowledge base for help with the platform.


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