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Constantly adapting to the sector’s needs, Blossom is the best nursery management software for a business looking to grow, with many outstanding features to offer.

Nursery Software Bespoke to You.

Nurseries across the UK use Blossom to increase efficiency across their finance, learning journeys, operations & occupancy.

Staffing & HR

Manage your staffing requirements from an efficient and intelligent centralised system.

Attendance & Tracking

Track children’s attendance and input holidays and illnesses at the touch of a button.

Children’s Diaries

Give parents a window into their child’s day whilst away from their little one.

Child development

Monitor Child Development With a Selection of Frameworks

Child Profile & log

Centralise the information about children in the nursery in one safe and convenient place.


Simple and flexible invoicing at the touch of a button.


Operational reports to give you the data that you need to run your setting, at a glance.

Cohort Tracking

Track child development within your nursery with Blossom’s Cohort Tracking features.


Manage all incoming interest to you nursery online and in one place.


Boost parent engagement with their child’s world thanks to our new and improved Blossom Parent App available on iOS and Android.

Give parents peace of mind

by sending instant diary updates about their child’s learning at nursery. Use our ‘golden moments’ to highlight special events- it’ll make the parent's day we promise.

Make parents happy with paperless billing

comprehensive and accurate invoice information and receipts are sent digitally.

Build parent partnerships

by regularly sharing children’s progress and development with our learning journeys. (Bonus- this allows for more meaningful pickups and drop-offs).

Improve parent collaboration at home

as parents are able to share special moments from home for your nursery then to build on.

Blossom Childminder Management Software

Why do nurseries choose Blossom?

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Blossom releases new features for our customers constantly! Here are some of the things we have accomplished recently.

Product Updates
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