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Centralise the information about children in the nursery in one safe and convenient place.

Know and understand the children at your nursery and answer parent queries by instantly having children’s health, progress, account and other personal details at hand.

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  • Customisable Blossomboard
  • Personalise Child Information
  • Child Booking Patterns

Empower your entire nursery staff team with real-time data insights and information to bring focus and speed while managing your setting.

Instant access to children’s information on the child profile. Relevant details are shown across the entire platform, making nursery processes faster than ever.

Get the core intelligence across the system by better managing each child’s bookings allowing your nursery to achieve, sustain and scale operations and occupancy.

View Child Information

Work With Parents

Parents can amend their child’s information as well as their own using the Parent App’s profile feature so your nursery records are always up to date.

Attendance & Room Moves

Attendance & Room Moves

For specific children, you can view attendance records to identify any trends or warnings early on as well as confirm or edit upcoming room moves.

Product Updates

Blossom releases new features for our customers constantly! Here are some of the things we have accomplished recently.

Product Updates

Hear from our happy customers!

The simplicity of Blossom is where it wins. From creating invoices to deep financial insights into our business, it is simple but powerful saving our group a lot of hours.

Majella McElwee
Majella McElwee
Happy Tree Nursery

Financial Forecasting has been mentioned as one of the most used & crucial features. The BM Network are able to forecast expected income years in advance.

Carly Garrett
Carly Garrett
Banana Moon Franchise
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