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Switching to Blossom: Woodlands Day Nursery’s experience

Managers Mandy Prentice and Zoe Halford
2 min of reading
05 May 2023
Switching to Blossom - Woodlands Day Nursery’s experience

What was onboarding like for Woodlands?

“Really good! It took a little time at first to upload the information but we got all our info on much quicker than we thought. Using Blossom is so easy and the software is just fabulous.”

How did Woodlands find the transition to Blossom?

“Our previous software, First Steps, ended & we went straight to Blossom. This was quite a positive change as we were able to audit children’s records and ensure they were all up to date.”

How did Woodlands find the support during your setup?

“The support was brilliant throughout. Anything we did not know Abbie, from customer success, went through it with us. All our questions were answered very quickly. And if not by Abbie she forwarded the question on, and the team called straight away to help.”

What’s Woodlands' favourite feature on Blossom?

“I love the notifications button. It makes me understand what the staff are doing downstairs on the floor. It also notifies us of any accidents and incidents that have happened which is fantastic.”

With our previous nursery software, I spent a lot of time going over to IT for help. But with Blossom, it really works and I hardly have to go to IT anymore!

How are Woodlands staff finding Blossom?

“The staff are really getting to grips with it now. We are still learning every day but enjoying it! Blossom offers a lot more restrictions in terms of permissions but it’s not a bad thing. It just means the room leaders ask us to do certain things if they cannot.”

I really like the look of it. I’m a visual person and I think the system is a lot more user-friendly. It’s bold & easy to find things - which is what we want. Some platforms you need a degree to go around it- not with Blossom!

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