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Switching to Blossom: Blue Pear Day Nursery’s experience

Daniella Coleman, Director at Blue Pear Day Nursery
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25 May 2023
Choosing Blossom - Blue Pear - article cover

What made Blue Pear choose Blossom?

“We needed an all-inclusive system to reduce paperwork at our setting and produce reports and invoices quickly on the management side. We made enquiries with many platforms before and Blossom really stood out because of its simplicity.”

Functions such as daily allergies, birthdays, online registers and accident forms really reduce the amount of time we used to spend printing and completing paperwork.

How has Blue Pear found the transition to Blossom?

“It’s been an easy transition considering that we did most forms paper-based before. The system is so user friendly, clear and simple – this made our transition to Blossom much easier.”

How has Blue Pear found the support provided when joining Blossom?

“Great! I am quite particular about certain aspects of how our nurseries are run. And the team at Blossom have been extremely helpful with my queries and phone calls, especially Abigail.”

Our parents love using the Blossom app, especially for daily updates on meals, sleep and activities. We have only had positive feedback!

What is the Blue Pear management team’s favourite feature on Blossom and why?

“Definitely bulk invoicing- it’s saved us so much time! We also really love the different types of financial reports that are available as this gives us a clear view of what to expect in the coming months.”

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