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Give parents a window into their child’s day whilst away from their little one.

Keep parents informed and reassured by easily sharing updates to the Parent App about meals, nappy changes, bottle feeds, sleeps and all of the care their child receives whilst at nursery.

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  • Meal & Snack Times
  • Nappies, Bottles & Sleeps
  • Share Activities With Parents

Set and log meals for all children with ease. Edit details and add important comments before sending the update to the Parent App.

Blossom is built specially to save you time in the busy nursery environment by inputting information easily so you can get back to great quality childcare.

Blossom Educational Parent App : More pleasant handovers

Live Updates

Engage families digitally by sending children’s diaries with notifications to the Parent App to instantly notify parents, so they never miss a thing. Have control over these updates through diary approvals.

Blossom Educational Parent App : Send Diary Updates

Improve Handovers

Have more meaningful and exciting drop-off & pick up conversations with parents as they would have the diary updates throughout the day as a reference point.

Hear from our happy customers!

It is really powerful to be able to send parents a timeline of their child’s day at nursery. All of our parents love it!

Rayners Lane Montessori
Rayners Lane Montessori

Blossom genuinely wanted our feedback. It’s simple to use and constantly evolving. It’s great having everything in one place.

Warwick Playschool
Warwick Playschool
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