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Switching to Blossom: Jungle Tots Day Nursery’s Experience

Nursery Manager, Jennifer Brennan
2 min of reading
05 May 2023
Switching to Blossom - Jungle Tots Day Nursery’s Experience

Why did you choose to switch to Blossom?

“We had several different systems before which was hard for both the team and our parents. We had diaries on one platform, observations and invoices on another. This meant we had to make a decision to choose an all-in-one platform. For us, it was Blossom.”

I love how Blossom looks - for our nursery and our parents!

What do your parents think about Blossom?

“I am a parent myself and it has really won our parents over! They talk about Blossom on our local Facebook groups. It really shows that Blossom allows the parents to be part of their child’s nursery journey.”

How did you find the transition to Blossom?

“The transition was good and the support team is fantastic. I would say one of Blossom’s outstanding areas is the support provided after the sale! Natalie, from customer support, is great. She will always get back to you to answer your query without any sound of annoyance and is always willing to help.”

With our previous nursery software we experienced a lot of problems with invoicing. Now, through Blossom, invoicing has been a lot easier and, in turn, the parents now can pay on time. It’s all very transparent and our parents are much happier.

What is your favourite feature?

“I love the Blossom dashboard! It allows us to see all our invoices and income. I love the fact that we have a full enquiry system through Blossom which allows us to set up the enquiry. Blossom really helps us to convert new enquiries by managing it all in one place.”

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