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The nursery invoicing software solution which helps to Grow businesses.

With Blossom, managing your finances becomes a breeze. Our software offers all the tools your nursery needs to succeed.

Blossom Software: Finance Feature
  • Deposit Management
  • Generate & Send Invoices
  • Create Funding Grants
  • Financial Reporting

Deposit Management

Easily manage your deposits and refunds all in one place. Know at a glance your total deposit balance.

Blossom makes invoicing easier than ever. Strengthen communication with parents to ensure accurate and on time payments.

With Blossom’s funding software, you can create funding types to suit your nursery, easily calculate and allocate them to children’s sessions, hassle free!

With 7 different reports, you can get all the insight you need into your nursery’s finances. With clear presentation, keeping track is easier than ever.

Maintain Accounts
Nursery Invoicing Software : Log Payments

Log Payments

Nursery Invoicing Software : Monitor Transactions

Monitor Transactions

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