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Make invoicing easy with Blossom’s nursery invoicing software

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16 April 2024
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Money makes the world go round, especially when paid on time. Nursey invoicing software can help you automate your childcare billing processes. Making your monthly invoicing routine a doddle.  

In the busy world of early years, any time-saving tools (that also improve practice) are a must. Whether you appreciate a coloured bar chart or the thought of a line graph makes your skin itchy, Blossom’s invoicing software makes invoicing, allocating funding and deposit management simple.  

How can nursery invoicing software help me?

How much of your time is currently spent chasing parents for late payments or organising individual payments for families? Not to mention the unpleasant conversations to remind them of late and owed payments. Invoicing software ensures accurate invoices (even if last-minute extra sessions are added).  

With Blossom’s invoicing feature, you can streamline how you collect your payments and your understanding of your nursery’s big financial picture. If you have more than one setting, you can have total visibility of all sites at the click of a button. This helps identify common challenges, like delayed payments, and gives direction for a smooth invoicing process.  

Manage your nursery deposits and refunds

Want to have a visual representation of all deposits and refunds for your nursery? Blossoms invoicing feature allows nursery managers and owners like you to keep all information about deposits and refunds in one place.  

Adding deposits to invoices and seeing all deposits raised, held and refunded on your finance dashboard can make the onboarding process for new families a breeze.  

Blossom software: Deposit Management

Use invoicing software to send electronic bills

Most parents have access to a smartphone and will communicate with the nursery throughout the day, including accessing invoices and receipts if the nursery uses Blossoms Be Paid mobile payment system.  

Gone are the days of paper invoices handed to parents at pick-up or drop-off time. Electronic invoicing can generate, send, and monitor nursery invoices, which improves trackability, safety, and parent communication.  

This avoids any money talk during face-to-face interactions. This way nursery practitioners can build stronger relationships with parents by sharing only the development and progress their child has made throughout the day, instead of money talk 

Nursery Invoicing Software : Generate & Send Invoices

Parents benefit from having a full breakdown of costings, especially with any possible increases to consumables charges with the changes to nursery funding in 2024. Having access to this information at the click of a button, improves the quality of information parents receive with their invoice and reduces administrative hours for your nursery management.  

Imagine this: you can send invoices in bulk! No more singular invoices (unless, of course, you’d like to). With Blossom’s invoicing feature, invoices are sent electronically to parents through the Parent App 

The bulksending option saves nursery management hours of repetitive paperwork. And that’s not even the best bit.  

No day is the same in a nursery, and the days go quickly! It can be easy to forget to send an invoice reminder to a parent, often getting dropped down the priority list for other more pressing tasks. No more forgotten reminders invoice reminders can be sent easily through the Blossom app. 

Easily create nursery funding grants

Changing government funding altering your nursery dynamic? If youve opted to offer funded places at your nursery, your invoicing process will change. Remove the hassle of deducting funded hours from parent invoices with Blossom.

The funding can also be automatically or manually allocated to your children (in bulk, too), making the funding work for you and your nursery business model. 

Many nurseries offer sibling discounts, a clever way to increase occupancy with families with multiple young children. A monthly nursery invoice can become complex when you factor in funding, additional charges, sibling discounts, and other nursery funding types (like Early Years Pupil Premium (EYPP), for example). Or, you can leave it all to the software.  

Tick a few boxes to include discounts and additional funding types, and the funding grant feature will do the rest.  

Get insight into your nursery’s financial picture

When we say revenue reports, do you have the urge to hide behind your hands, or are you champing at the bit to see the figures? Whether you love or hate them, Blossom’s business reporting feature simplifies understanding your nursery’s financial big picture.  

The trick to running a successful nursery is visibility. You must know information like how many extra spaces you have available per day and have general oversight of all of the nursery’s daily operations.  

Having access to seven types of reports can help you to understand forecasting (for both short and longterm income), evaluate progress against projected targets and make strategic changes to improve the profitability of your early years setting.  

Nursery Invoicing Software : Funding Reports

With the changes to nursery funding, access to funding reports is invaluable. Having a breakdown of the total number of funded hours, the hourly rate and funding value, and the option to filter by funding type can help your nursery stay profitable.  

Want to learn more about demystifying government funding? Early Years expert Tricia Wellings shares all on our Blossom Podcast.  

We understand finance monitoring will likely be your most or least favourite administrative task. Whichever side of the fence you’re on, Blossom’s invoicing feature helps to make the process simple, safe and effective.  

To discover more about all aspects of the invoicing software features, book your free demo and start saving!  

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