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Preschool Management Software to Grow Your Business.

Give children at your preschool the best start in their education with Blossom’s Preschool App.


Specialist Software Built for Preschool Businesses.

Give children at your preschool the best start in their education with Blossom’s Preschool App.

Flexible Term Dates

Early Learning Goals

Transition Reports

Hassle-free Funding

Occupancy Reporting

Parent Communication
Preschool Management Software
Preschool Management Software : Prepare Children For Life After Preschool

Prepare Children For Life After Preschool

Term-Time Structure

With Blossom you can choose a term-time or year round structure, with personalised term and closure dates to suit your preschool business. Prepare children for school with a routine they are comfortable with.

Settings that can be changed without hassle, to keep your business moving.

Preschool Management Software : Early Learning Goals

Early Learning Goals

Development doesn’t stop when the goals are met. Blossom features ‘Early Learning Goals’ which gives a boost to children moving to school.

Preschool Management Software : Transition Reports

Transition Reports

Ensure smooth transitions between classes a breeze by using Blossom’s Formative Reports to ensure development keeps flowing.

Why do nurseries choose Blossom?

Preschool Management Solutions

Preschool Management Solutions : Hassle-free Funding

Hassle-free Funding

On Blossom, setting up and allocating funding for your preschool setting is quick and easy. It’s flexible nature can adapt to any LA requirements.

Preschool Management Solutions : Advanced Occupancy

Advanced Occupancy

With Blossom’s Occupancy feature, forecasting is simple. Track absences and extra sessions across classrooms and after school clubs.


Enhance parental communication

Boost parent engagement with their child’s world thanks to our new and improved Blossom Parent App available on iOS and Android.

Give parents peace of mind

by sending instant diary updates about their child’s learning at nursery. Use our ‘golden moments’ to highly special events- it’ll make the parent's day we promise.

Make parents happy with paperless billing

comprehensive and accurate invoice information and receipts are sent digitally.

Build parent partnerships

by regularly sharing children’s progress and development with our learning journeys. (Bonus- this allows for more meaningful pickups and drop-offs).

Improve parent collaboration at home

as parents are able to share special moments from home for your nursery then to build on.

Blossom Childminder Management Software

Do you own a group of nurseries?

Blossom has group features built to boost businesses.

Montessori Software System : Group of nurseries

Trusted by preschools across the UK

“It’s really easy to use, customer support is brilliant. If children leave early, I can fill in why. You can also view a pattern of attendance so if there’s lots of illnesses we can see what the pattern is. Parents love seeing what we’ve been doing at preschool.”

Natasha Jarvis - Stepping Stones Preschool Feb 2020
Natasha Jarvis
Stepping Stones Preschool

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