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Track child development within your nursery with Blossom’s Cohort Tracking features.

With Blossom, keep an eye on child progress & pratitioner observations and generate OFSTED compliant reports.

Blossom Software: Cohort Tracking
  • Formative Reports
  • Comparison & Tracking Reports

Formative Reports

Prepare for OFSTED inspections with easy to create detailed reports for each child & ensure no child falls behind in their learning.

Comparison & Tracking Reports

Compare children in specific cohorts & see specific areas of learning where they could be falling behind.

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Export PDF Reports

Export PDF Reports

Child Flags

Child Flags

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We have tried so many systems which were very slow and difficult to use. We have a few members of staff who are technophobes & they have created 94 observations in the first month!

Brook House Nursery
Rayners Lane Montessori

I was recommended Blossom and it was my first choice. It’s accurate and very effective. We enjoy tracking our children’s development, linking to the EYFS and sharing with parents.

The Railway Children
Warwick Playschool
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