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What’s the new BE Paid feature like? A Ballybrack Killiney Montessori case study

User experience from Manager Eve Berea, Ballybrack Killiney Montessori
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05 May 2023
BE Paid - Eve Berea, Ballybrack Killiney Montessori

How have you found the BE Paid feature so far?

“Amazing! It’s just changed everything about how we collect our fees. I think we do a quarter, or even less than a quarter, of the admin we were doing. It’s just so simple.”

How have your parents found the BE Paid feature & invoicing?

“They receive invoices through the app very easily. It was a big change to averaging the invoices but once the parents understood the set up it has really started to work for them. And it’s been a lifesaver for us.”

The fact that Blossom also sends automated payment reminders definitely helps. And it means we just don’t have to do any of that chasing anymore!

Has the BE Paid feature saved you time?

“Yes, it has really benefited us! Before, there was myself and an admin using spreadsheets and bank statements to cross reference and reconcile payments. For example; I was sending the information and then my colleague was double-checking and emailing the parents to follow up on unpaid invoices and payments.”

“We have around 214 children and at this point in the month we would have 50 to 60 invoices still unpaid. I have just checked them and we have only 15 unpaid invoices!”

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