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Accident and Incident reporting

New and improved accident and incident reporting with Blossom

Putting parents’ minds at ease while helping practitioners to log accidents and incidents with all necessary care and detail.

On the left, a woman holding her baby and smiling at the camera. On the right, iconography to suggest accidents and incidents
  • Accidents
  • Incidents
  • Anchor Accidents from home


From top ten most common injuries to the much requested body map, accidents have been improved directly based on customer feedback


To track accidents involving more than one child, we have the ability to log incidents with ease

Accidents from home

Found within our Safeguarding area, the newest addition is Accidents from home, keeping everyone up to date on a child’s health and wellbeing.

Linked to Occupancy

Linked to Occupancy

When marking children as absent, on holiday or having extra sessions, this is automatically accounted for in your occupancy reports.

Download Registers

Download Registers

Need to register on the go? Or just need a hard copy? Blossom’s register is also available as a downloadable PDF which you can fill in.

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