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Add Unlimited Children

Whether you’re a large or small day nursery, Blossom can cater you your needs. With no limit or additional costs on the number of children you can add, expansion is simple.

Flexible Opening Times

Open 9-5? Open 7-7? Blossom allows you to set hours and term dates specific to your business.

Daily Diaries

Having a diary is essential for a day nursery. Keep track of meals, nappy changes, bottle feeds and activities and keep parents in the loop!

EYFS Tracking

Blossom supports the EYFS & CoEL frameworks, allowing you to track any progress made by the children in your day nursery.

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“We really appreciate the support we are getting from you and the hard work you are all putting in for us. I would also like to say that the newsletter feature is really useful so thank you!”

Karen Creighton

Cherubs Day Nurseries

Manage your day nursery with Blossom

Plan Your Occupancy

Occupancy planning and reports allow nurseries to plan staff ratios, view extra sessions, absences and holidays.

Detailed Reports

Digitally sign accident and incident reports, view allergy and dietary preferences and view your starters and leavers.

Send Golden Moments

Give parents an insight into their child’s learning at nursery. Attatch photos and links to the EYFS. Parents can even send their own observations into the nursery.

Diary Timeline

Blossom’s easy to use interface guides parents around the
app. The diary calendar allows parents to look back on
updates from the past and download images sent from the

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