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Keep track of attendance in your setting with the Blossom register.

Record exact times children enter and leave your nursery, mark absences, holidays and create extra sessions – all from the register.

Blossom Software: attendance
  • Register Children
  • Track Attendance

Register Children

Always see an overview of children in your nursery. Use the register to sign children in & out with ease or add in extra sessions.

Track Attendance

Blossom has features which track attendance, allowing you to spot emerging attendance patterns.

Linked to Occupancy

Linked to Occupancy

When marking children as absent, on holiday or having extra sessions, this is automatically accounted for in your occupancy reports.

Download Registers

Download Registers

Need to register on the go? Or just need a hard copy? Blossom’s register is also available as a downloadable PDF which you can fill in.

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