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Give parents peace of mind with instant updates and photos about their child’s journey at nursery.

Boost parent engagement with their child’s world at their fingertips. All from the new and improved Blossom Parent App available on iOS and Android.

Parent communication

Bring the focus back on each child’s delightful moments at the nursery by sharing live updates with parents throughout the day, making handovers more pleasant.

Ensure strong communication and build parent partnerships through the Parent App by regularly sharing children’s progress and development with parents.

With comprehensive and accurate invoice information and receipts, parents will always be on top of their account and fees with the Parent App.

Engage and collaborate better with families at home. With the Parent App, parents are able to share special moments from home for the nursery to build on.

Build a community around the children and keep family members fully engaged and informed by delivering updates straight to their mobile phone.

Child Schedule

Allow parents to keep track of their child’s booking pattern of sessions at all times from the Parent App.

Blossom Educational Parent App : view child information

View Child Information

Stay in the loop & build on children’s interests with the most up to date ‘all about me’ information submitted by parents from the Parent App.

Blossom Educational Parent App : download photos

Download Photos

With Blossom, deliver snapshots of children’s exciting achievements and milestones directly to their parent’s device.

Product Updates

Blossom releases new features for our customers constantly! Here are some of the things we have accomplished recently.

Product Updates

Hear from our happy customers!

The app is very user friendly, which enables us to share observations and photos with parents. We have the ability to select any age band irrespective of the child’s age at the time.

St Thomas More Nursery
Christine Curys
St Thomas More Nursery

Blossom was instrumental in transforming our school into a more communicative community. It has allowed us to send parents observations, with EYFS and Montessori statements.

Ladbroke Square Montessori
Lucy Morley
Ladbroke Square Montessori
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