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Switching to Blossom: Little Clovers’ experience

Nursery Manager, Nicola Allanson
2 min of reading
05 May 2023
Switching to Blossom - Little Clovers’ experience

Why did you choose Blossom as your nursery software?

“Our previous nursery software was quite complicated to use, and it just didn’t flow right. Blossom is very easy to use and all of our staff have picked it up already. If there is anything we are unsure of, we know we can visit the help centre or click on the help tabs within the platform”

What’s Blossom’s customer service like?

“Very helpful! When our team has logged a query, Blossom’s support team will contact you straight away. They look into the query for you whilst keeping you up to date with the progress. And if it is a quick question, Blossom always gives us an answer right then on the call.”

Blossom is simple, saves us time, and is so easy to use!

What’s your favourite feature on Blossom?

“I like the finance and occupancy reports. It allows us to forecast what’s coming and how many spaces we have available. From a management standpoint, we have been able to cut down on our paperwork, and now all our registers for staff and children are online too!”

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