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How Blossom’s ‘all about me’ Early Years Child Profile grows as your kids do

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29 February 2024
A screenshot of Blossom's digital all about me Child Profile

It can be scary for parents to choose a nursery. Understandably, they will seek reassurance that you embrace and encourage all that makes their child unique – this is done by collecting and using the details shared in the Early Years ‘all about me’ Child Profile.

The early years ‘all about me’ documents are given to parents for a quick insight into the child’s personality and life at home, giving a good starting point for building a strong key worker relationship.

Too often, parents are given paper forms to manually fill out during the first stay-and-play session. Catching parents in a moment of anxiety and taking their attention away from being present with their child during an important nursery milestone.

Asking parents to fill in paper forms that are the ‘first touch’ for nursery-home relationships is ineffective – we can do better than that!

As we know, children’s likes and dislikes change like the weather. The hallmark of an effective EYFS ‘all about me’ Child Profile is being able to keep up with the changing interests whilst having access to personalised child information.

Blossom’s nursery management software platform has the best early years ‘all about me’ information gathering process about town. It is easy to use, detailed and interactive with the parents. Don’t believe us? Try Blossom for yourself!

Features to look out for in your nursery software's Child Profile

A great Child Profile should have up-to-date information at the click of a button. Expanding past ‘all about me’ EYFS information to help nursery practitioners access all the important details they might need throughout the day.

Finding the right nursery management software for your setting can help your early years setting run smoothly, day after day.  

Parents get confidence from knowing that your practitioners know their child well. Giving parents the chance to regularly update their child’s profile from home can help them feel involved in their child’s nursery experience.

'All about me' Early Years information

Supporting children in having a smooth transition from home to nursery is the main priority when a child is a new starter. Blossom’s Child Profile has all the important information a key practitioner will need to start building a rock-solid relationship from the very beginning.

Covering family structure, siblings, routines, birthdays and, importantly, their current likes and dislikes. The editable function means that your nursery team are the first to know when Bluey is no longer the cartoon of choice or when peas become the new favourite healthy snack. 

A screenshot of Blossom's digital all about me Child Profile

Accessible emergency contact details

On Blossom’s Child Profile, emergency contact details are accessible. Including multiple family contacts, nursery practitioners save valuable time in case of an emergency by knowing who to contact and when.  

When completing a group observation, you can only share a child’s image with other parents if you have explicit permission. This is a common GDPR mistake for nurseries to fall into. Access child permissions via the Child Profile to ensure you stay GDPR compliant when you engage with parent communication.  

Clear medical and health information

Accidents happen, and children can easily stumble and graze their knees when exploring outside. Share all information about any medical incidents online via the Child Profile, giving parents confidence in your transparency of care and peace of mind with Blossom’s Parent App.

Did you know you can even add in incidents that have occurred at home to help build a bigger safeguarding picture in your childcare setting?

Updated Accident and Incident forms product update - Top ten common injuries

Shareable internal nursery notes

Parents may mention snippets of information during drop-off and pick-up times, but it can easily be forgotten during the hustle and bustle. Share all internal notes linking to a child on their Child Profile.

Information can be easily accessed to improve communication within the nursery team and help to retain and boost parent partnerships.

Easy to manage child booking patterns

Want to keep track of how many extra sessions a child has had in a month? Or to add in extra items like snacks or consumables? Having the historical booking patterns at your fingertips can help you prepare future timetables for staff and occupancy planning.

A personalised dashboard, just for you!

Your Blossom dashboard is your own. Choose your customisable Blossomboard with the most important information for your nursery day- who says nursery management software can’t be personalised?

For example, if you’re a nursery manager, having a clear image of outstanding balances to be paid may be your priority. Whereas, if you’re an early years practitioner, you may benefit from easy access to all of your key children’s profiles and to see which allergies are present in your room for the day.

Child Profile & log : Customisable Blossomboard

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