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Save Money with Blossom. A Cherubs case study

Save Money with Blossom
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23 June 2020
Save Money with Blossom. A Cherubs case study
Sarah Savage
Operations Manager, Cherubs

WITH BLOSSOM SINCE: September 2017
NUMBER OF SITES: 12 (increased from 10 in 2017)
PRODUCT IN USE: Learning & The Parent App

How much did they save?

“Before renewing we did a full analysis on the nursery operations to see how much money we actually saved. We started with how long it took our managers to do the cohort tracking. Each manager was spending a week doing the cohort tracking manually – doing comparison reports, progress trackers and actions plans! This therefore meant we saved £10k in wages across 10 sites. Therefore £1k in wages per year per site as they have 10 sites.”

“We then looked at our photocopy lease. We managed to save a whopping £2.5k per site on the leases.”

“Lastly, we looked into the plastic wallets, folders and ink too! We saved another £10k across the group, therefore £1k per year per site.”

Total saving per annum per site: £5,500


£50,000 per annum.

How about parent collections?

They still ask questions but they are more informed. The conversations we have with them are now smoother as they have seen the diary updates before they have come to collect them.”

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