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Building parent satisfaction. A Banana Moon case study

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16 June 2020
A Banana Moon case study

The partnership of Banana Moon Franchise and Blossom is approaching 2 years and we wanted to take the time to reflect on our journey together so far.

Getting started with Blossom

We took the decision to move to Blossom at the end of 2018 and started rolling out across our network in January 2019. We started with Child Development and Operations and moved onto Finance & Business soon after.

Blossom held on-site training sessions at BM HQ to upskill Directors and Managers across all franchises. When the sessions concluded and the franchisees returned to their settings, the support continued.

Every nursery has access to a dedicated Help Desk and ticketing system to answer their queries. Nothing will ever be perfect so when bugs are identified Blossom are quick to diagnose and fix them within appropriate timeframes. We have recently seen the launch of an online Help Centre filled with step by step guides to support the network even further.

We were appointed an Account Director, Bianca. Bianca manages our entire experience: listening to our feedback & specific developmental requirements, ensuring they are designed and developed on time. Bianca oversees the Help Desk and personally communicates with our franchise network & selected pilot group when new releases are on the horizon. We have a great relationship.

Banana moon's parent app powered by Blossom

Parents have been impressed with our Banana Moon Parent App. The app uses our branding and includes ideas & improvements we have suggested along the way! The parents can access special moments taken place at nursery, latest news and updates, accounts and much more.

Bianca and I meet weekly to debrief over the network, upcoming releases and ideas. We feel directly involved with the innovation of Blossom. Bianca onboards new franchises and hosts 1-1 sessions until they are experts and feel confident to train their forever growing staff teams.

Banana moon parent app

Blossom's financial forecasting

Financial Forecasting has been mentioned as one of the most used & crucial features. The BM Network are able to forecast expected income years in advance and can also reflect on their previous projections vs actual income.

Banana moon

We have thoroughly enjoyed our partnership with Blossom over the last 2 years and although nothing is ever plain sailing, we are secure in our joint direction and partnership together. We look forward to many more bright years.

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