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  • Setup a Child's Log

Record family information, setting details, room allocations and more on the Blossom childcare log. Easily access parent’s contact information, pictures, and passwords directly from the child’s profile page.

Simple Profile Setup
Personalise Profiles
  • Personalise Profiles

All the information on the child profiles is displayed across the entire platform, making tracking allergy information a breeze.

  • Allergy Information

See any allergies, medical conditions and
dietary preferences in one place.

Allergy Information
Edit Information From Home
  • Edit Information From Home

Parents can amend their child’s information as well as their own using the Parent App’s profile feature.

  • Child Registers​

Full of custom features, with the register you can sign children in and out with one tap, add notes and more. Prefer doing paper registers? Most of our software features have downloadable PDF versions, including the register.

Child Registers​
Register Filters
  • Register Filters

With filters, you can turn back time and view children’s past attendance. If you are a practitioner based in one room, you can filter by room and register only the children you need to.

  • Extra Sessions

Parents want extra sessions? Adding children to the register is extremely simple.

Extra Sessions

More Register Features…

Termly Attendance Reports

See attendance summaries in your children’s termly reports..


Add details for specific children in their comments.

Register Features
  • Send Digital Invoices

Our specialist invoicing software allows your nursery to setup a unique invoicing structure. Instantly create automatic invoices and send in bulk to parents.

Invoices to parents
Register Invoice Payments
  • Register Invoice Payments

Effortlessly manage parent accounts with Blossom’s finance features. View account balances and register payments directly through a child’s profile & stay on top of your nursery finances!

  • Simple Nursery Funding

With Blossom’s funding software, you can create funding types to suit your nursery, easily calculate and allocate them to children’s sessions, hassle free!

Set Up Funding

More Finance Features…

Invoice History

See all past invoices sent and payments registered.

Financial Reports

Easy access to revenue reports, forecasting, bad
debt, funding and more!


A dedicated finance administrator role to keep learning
and finance separate.

Finance Features
Send Invoices to Parents
  • Send Invoices to Parents

Finance features on the parent app allow nurseries to send invoices and receipts to parents. Once you register a payment, the parent’s account balance is automatically updated through the App.

Parent Communication

Parent Communication

Blossom Educational’s new and improved Parent App lets you achieve more than ever before.​

Introducing a fresh new look for our parent app.

At the press of a button, parents can be kept updated with their children’s progress. Nurseries can send updates, including photos and observations of children. Parents can view their child’s next steps and progress reports from anywhere to help them to continue their development at home.

Parent Communication

Diary Updates

Share live updates of what each child has been doing whilst at nursery, from sleeps to nappy changes.

Build relationships with your parents by giving them peace of mind, with a precise timeline featuring videos and individual comments from their key person. They know that while they are at work, their child is building a solid foundation for their education and development.

Diary Updates
Learning Journeys

Learning Journeys

Share each child’s progress and special achievements with parents.

Ensure strong communication and create a strong partnership with parents through the Parent App by sharing children’s progress with parents regularly, keeping them updated and informed with golden moments, reports and assessments. Reports provide a record of their attendance as well as a summary of their development against the EYFS, CoEL or Montessori frameworks.

Billing Information

Send out detailed invoice information and receipts to parents.

Parents can find all of the finance features in the ‘account’ section of the app, allowing them to never miss a thing. The balance indicatior informs parents if they’re in debit and clearly displays invoice deadlines for improved clarity.

Billing Information
Home Observations

Home Observations

Parents are able to share special moments from home, or wherever they may be.

Improve communication by allowing parents to submit home observations which can be turned into Golden Moments by the nursery.

By sending in images and comments, parents become more involved in their child’s education, whilst the nursery benefits from seeing how the child explores different environments.

More Features

Diary updates

See progress and next steps

Update your child's profile

View formative reports

Observations from home

Parent comments

  • Make Observations

Creating observations with the EYFS framework is a breeze with Blossom. Create observations and attach media in seconds before linking to the framework of your choice. Link the observation to the EYFS or CoEL and select a statement to match their development stage.

Make Observations
Group Observations
  • Group Observations

When creating an observation, you are able to add as many children as you like. Safeguard by tagging photos which feature them and personalise EYFS links for each individual child to give parents the best overview of how they are developing at nursery.

  • Next Steps

Once an observation has been filled in, it’s time to focus on the next steps of the child’s development. Pinpoint an area of learning within the EYFS development matters for them to focus on and write a comment personal to the child’s progression.

Next Steps

More Observation Features…

Observation Tracker

Track how many observations have been completed by child.


Save managers time with the feedback feature! Before observations are improved, they go to the manager to review, give comments about spelling or their links to frameworks and then send it back to the practitioner who created it.

Observation Features
  • Forecast Occupancy

The occupancy planner allows you to see available sessions at a glance, identify gaps and trends by forecasting future attendance throughout different rooms in the nursery. Know exactly when there is capacity to enrol new children.

Forecast Occupancy
Occupancy Reports
  • Occupancy Reports

Our occupancy reports help you to plan for the future and keep numbers stable. See weekly and monthly FTE statistics for your nursery and breakdown by sessions or by AM/PM.

  • Check Ratios

View the minimum staffing requirements for each room of the nursery. Boost your staff planning capability by using occupancy to view the necessary staff ratio.

Check Ratios

More Occupancy Features…

Room Moves

Setup automatic room moves in settings and confirm them to ensure your occupancy reports are 100% accurate.

Occupancy Features
  • Group Dashboard

With the dashboard, you have a detailed overview of all the nurseries within your group, with instant access to the total number of children enrolled, staff members and contact details if you ever need to get in touch.

Group Dashboard
Group Reporting
  • Group Reporting

Blossom’s best reporting features are also available to groups, with information that spans across every site. View forecasting, occupancy and revenue reports to plan for the future success of your nursery business.

  • Add New Settings

Expanding your business is super easy, onboarding a new nursery is quick and efficient, and our support teams are always here to help if necessary. Growth has never been easier.

Add New Settings

More Group Features…

Single Login

One login to access all of your nurseries.

Universal Settings

With group settings, you’re able to set the same invoice settings across all nurseries, keeping finance records consistent and easy to manage.

Group Features
  • Meal Times

Blossom’s custom menu feature allows you to select from a prewritten menu, or create a custom item. Set meals for all children and edit details and add important comments that parents may need to see before sending out a diary update directly to them via email or app.

Meal Times
Nappy Changes & Sleeps
  • Nappy Changes & Sleeps

It’s important to be able to log things quickly at nursery. That’s why you can log sleeps, nappy changes and bottle feeds in a simple step process. Add a child, fill out and tick the boxes and let Blossom do the hard work for you whilst you focus on what’s important.

  • Live Updates

Send out children’s diaries to the Parent App which will instantly notify parents, so they don’t miss a thing. Build relationships with your parents by giving them peace of mind, with a precise timeline featuring videos and individual comments from their key person. They know that while they are at work, their child is building a solid foundation for their education and development.

Live Updates

More Diary Features…


Send photos of fun activities to parents


Create regular and vegitarian menus & monitor allergys from the menu


Keep parents reassured with live updates.

Easy Sharing

Share to the Parent App or via email

Diary Features
  • Formative Reports

Formative reports give the nursery a complete overview of a child’s development. See which statements a child has secured, and the goals they are working towards. You can add personalised comments to each report sending them out to parents via the app.

Formative Reports
Generate Reports
  • Generate Reports

Identify trends within your nursery by viewing different development reports. These reports include gender comparisons, ethnicity comparisons and more, each one helping to ensure that no child is left behind within their cohort.

  • Cohort Tracking

Use the observation tracker to see how many observations have been made for each child, filtering by different members of staff. You can also take advantage cohort tracking to see if children are lacking or succeeding in an area of learning based on their age.

Cohort Tracking

More Tracking Features…

Comparison Reports

Quickly identify trends, gaps and patterns.

Automatic & Manual

Choose between automatic and manual
tracking options.


Export reports as PDFs.

Send Reports

Send formative reports via email or the Parent App

Tracking Features
  • Your Privacy & Security

Blossom Educational and AWS actively protect your data and privacy. All of your data is stored on secure servers and back-ups are made in real-time. TSL technology is used to ensure there is a secure connection so only you can view your Early Years Setting information. All of your passwords are encrypted to ensure protection over your data.

Your Privacy & Security
Amazon Web Services
  • Amazon Web Services

The core of Blossom Educational’s data resides with Amazon Web Services (AWS), a cloud based data center. 

They are compliant with ISO standards 9001:2008 and 27001:2013 and have passed the PCIDSS v3 certification.

Childcare Log

The childcare log keeps up to date information for children in the nursery in one convenient place.
  • Easy Setup
    Instantly create and update children's profiles.
  • Personalise
    Record and share notes for each of your children.
  • Allergy Information
    BlossomBoard® provides at a glance allergy information.

Children’s attendance & tracking

Registering children has never been easier, with Blossom you can track children’s attendance and input holidays and illnesses at the touch of a button.
  • Registers
    Sign-in children with a simple click.
  • Filters
    Easily filter by rooms and age.
  • Extra Sessions
    Flexibility to add extra sessions.

Nursery Invoicing Software

Our software offers simple and flexible invoicing at the touch of a button
  • Send Invoices to Parents
    Set your unique invoice structure.
  • Register Payments
    Create credit notes. and track account balances.
  • Set-up Funding
    Easily allocate funding that suits you.

Parent Communication

Engage parents with instant updates and photos about their child’s day at nursery.
  • See Golden Moments.
    Send parents observations with updates on their development.
  • See Billing Details.
    Send invoices and receipts to parents.
  • Home Activities.
    Access a bundle of EYFS & Montessori activities for children to do at home.

EYFS Tracking & Learning

The Blossom EYFS tracker shows development progress, linked to the EYFS framework.
  • Make Observations
    Attach media in seconds, share with parents.
  • Group Observations
    Set individual links for children working together.
  • Next Steps
    Plan ahead for children’s future development.

Occupancy & Staff Planning

Never be over or under capacity, our occupancy features provide you with all the information you need to run your nursery efficiently. Plan rotas with help from the staff ratio and help plan based on your capacity.
  • Forecast
    Forecast future attendance.
  • Reach Capacity
    Help your nurseries to reach full capacity.
  • Check Ratios
    See instant staffing ratios for any point in the future.

Nursery Groups

Our bespoke group features allow nurseries with multiple settings to transform their learning, assessment and administration through one convenient Blossom platform.
  • Group Dashboard
    View everything you need in one place.
  • Group Reporting
    Track your income for all settings.
  • Add New Settings
    Quickly set-up new settings, make growth easy.

Children’s Diaries

Give parents a window into their child’s day with the diary feature. Keep them informed about nappy changes, bottle feeds and all of the care their child has received whilst at nursery.
  • Meal Times
    Quickly log children's meal and snacks.
  • Nappy Changes & Sleeps
    Track nappy changes, sleeps & bottle feeds in a snap.
  • Live Updates
    Keep parents reassured with live updates.

Cohort Tracking

Keeping track of children’s progress whilst at nursery is important. Never miss a thing with cohort tracking and assessments which let you know if a child is at the right place for their age group.
  • Formative Reports
    Create individual formative reports and share with parents.
  • Generate Reports
    Automatically generate Ofsted-compliant reports.
  • Keep Track
    Easily keep track of your practitioner's observations.

Dedicated to your Privacy

At Blossom, your privacy and security are important to us. We use safe and secure networks to ensure that your data is always kept safe.
  • Safe & Secure
    Your data is stored on secure servers with real-time back-ups.
  • Amazon Web Services
    Blossom Educational and AWS actively protect your data.
  • Encrypted Data
    All passwords are encrypted and your data is protected.

Montessori Software

Blossom features a specially crafted Montessori Management platform, designed by real-world professionals. Link development to different activities right on the platform & make planning next steps easier than ever before.
  • Link to EYFS
    Easily link Montessori activities to the EYFS framework.
  • Suggestions
    Provide suggested follow-on Montessori activities.
  • See Development
    Highlight children's progression against the framework.

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  • Call us, Anytime
    Our lines are open, Monday-Friday 9am-5pm.
  • Help Centre
    Access the knowledge base for help with the platform.

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