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May Newsletter

by Danielle Cropley | 12th June 2020



Another month has passed and for most of us, we have seen the return of nursery life. Changes to our nursery environments have been implemented and doors are opening to more and more children every day. 

As always, our Service Excellence Team are here to answer your questions & support you through changes in your operational use of Blossom. Our Product & Tech Teams are proud to provide you with useful, requested and exciting new features, bringing an extra smile to your day!

So here’s to another month & we hope you enjoy the new enhancements. 


Stay Safe.
The Blossom Team

May Software Updates


Introducing our new, improved & beautifully designed Diary. This has been one of the most requested enhancements to date! We have improved the usability across all 6 widgets to promote better & faster navigation. Le’ts talk you through the improvements. 

When adding meal & snack options, we have removed the scrolls and added a simple drop down to select from. The design is simple and clean. 

We have changed the way nappies, sleeps and bottles are displayed. Children who automatically appear on your nappy list are currently signed in and in nappies.  

When adding a child not on your automated nappy list, click + Add Child to the right. Here you will be able to add children who are not typically in nappies but are still signed into nursery.

These children can also be added in bulk along with their nappy, sleep or bottle inputs. That’s right, multiple inputs in 1 action! 

To add an activity, click + Activity & select the children in the pop up! The process is exactly the same as usual but appears in the pop up rather than a form on your Diary screen.

Sliders, scrolls and date pickers have been updated for friendly usability. 

Observation Search Bar

Click Learning > Observations. We have now added a search bar for children’s names. This works the same as on the Next Step page and has been mentioned by many of you.

Double Entries

Across the platform, Blossom will now let you know if data is being inputted at the same time and will keep the first entry as usual.

Formative Reports

Just like the Observation Overview, you can now see all Formative Reports in one place. We have also ensured you have the ability to bulk download! Click Learning > Formative Reports.

Payment Report

We have enhanced and relocated our Payment Report.

Click Finance > Payments. 


Here you can see all payments and log new payments all on one page. That’s right, no more clicking between child profiles! 🎉 Improving navigation & saving you time.

Framework Page

We all know how easy it is to forget to save your work. We have added a friendly reminder to our Framework Page. 


Click children > Select child > Learning > Framework > Edit pencil to trigger the reminder at the bottom of the screen.

Blossom Board

There is a new widget you can add to your Blossom Board!


Click more > Settings > Blossom Board > Birthday Board > On. 


The widget will show upcoming children’s birthdays helping you to plan for the next celebration!

Notification Features

Last month we launched notifications for the Parent App. These notifications can be enabled on your devices inclusive of your smart watches. Communication between nursery & home has never been so essential.

Finally, we are excited to introduce our brand new Help Centre. Visit our website: and click Help Centre on the top right hand side.

The Help Centre is split into 6 easy to find topics with various articles, step by step guides and visuals; making it easy & fast to find the answer to your questions. 

For a business update on Covid-19 please read our most recent article below. For any activities to try at home, please explore our Corona Resource Centre!

Considering reopening your setting?​

Download our free Nursery Risk Assessment Template.

Our COVID-19 Nursery Risk Assessment form was created by our experienced nursery managers to create a safe and happy nursery environment. Always read advice from your Local Authority for information in your area.

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Download our free Nursery Risk Assessment Template.

Considering reopening your setting?​

Coronavirus created a number of difficult challenges for our sector, but as we begin to emerge on the other side, we must consider how to prepare for reopening.

Our COVID-19 Nursery Risk Assessment form was created by our experienced nursery managers to create a safe and happy nursery environment. Always read advice from your Local Authority for information in your area.