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Recurring Card Payments and mobile payment reporting

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06 September 2022
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Blossom’s mobile payments has been upgraded to offer nurseries and parents more flexibility and insight into fee payments. With so many ways to pay, nurseries are being paid faster with Blossom mobile payments and can easily track all the payments with our intuitive payments reporting. Want to know more? Then read on…

What to find in this update

Recurring Card Payments

Blossom has now made receiving payments from parents even faster and easier with recurring card payments. Parents can now add their credit card as their preferred monthly auto payment option in addition to the existing direct debit payment option. What’s more, recurring card payments are secure and processed instantly!

Blossom educational - Recurring card payments

Customise Direct Debit (BACS) run date

We all know that nurseries are different in the way they operate, that is why we have introduced the ability for each nursery to select their own customisable direct debit run date. Whether it’s the beginning of the month, the end of the month or any day in-between, the choice is yours.

Blossom educational - Customise Direct Debit (BACS) run date

Active recurring payments status report

Easily view and track the recurring payments status of all accounts, whether they have been added automatically through the Blossom app, manually or inactive. Easily follow up on outstanding payments that do not have recurring payments active and use it to encourage parents to add a recurring payment method – ensuring you are paid on time every time with Blossom! Easily export the active recurring payments report for a more detailed view.

Insider tip!

If you have BACS set up separately through another platform, you can now manually add direct debit details for a child’s account. The manually added BACS details will also show up on the payments status report.

Blossom educational - Payout breakdown report

Failed recurring payments report

Sometimes a parent’s recurring payment may fail. Have no fear, with Blossoms failed recurring payments report you can instantly see which of those payments have not gone through, making it quick and easy to follow up on those unsuccessful payments. You can even download the information to get a more detailed overview.

Blossom educational - Failed recurring payments status report

Payout breakdown report

Want to know all the transactions associated with each direct debit payout? The payout breakdown report does it all for you. It shows all the transactions included in each direct debit payout, including any refunds and can be easily sent to selected team members at a click of a button.

Blossom educational - Active recurring payments
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