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The brand new integrated Enquiry Management App

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30 August 2021
integrated Enquiry Management App

Blossom’s new Enquiries App allows you to manage new parent enquiries, directly from the Blossom platform. Say goodbye to those post-its, clunky spreadsheets, and missed opportunities.

A holistic one-stop stop

By navigating to the new Enquiries App on the platform, you can add and view all enquiries that come into your nurseries. From this page, you’re also able to filter and drill down into your enquiry list, to be able to analyse things like:

This means you can truly stay on top of your enquiries, and ensure you are being efficient with responding to your prospective families. Remember, these initial chats are the first impressions that parents get of your settings, so being efficient with your communications is critical to your success.

Easy availability tracking

When adding prospective families to Blossom, you are able to include children’s ages, desired sessions and ideal start dates. This gives you the starting point to use our Occupancy Planner App to easily check whether you have availability for the requested booking patterns, enabling you to be super responsive to your prospective families.

Strategic analysis with ease

When logging an enquiry, you are able to add the child’s ideal booking pattern. The Enquiries App then automatically works out the anticipated weekly income for each prospective family, letting you focus your energies on the most valuable prospects.

Reporting and analysis is at your fingertips – simply use the filters to answers questions like:

Never miss a trick

The Enquiries App enables you to log every interaction with prospective parents, including e-mails, phone calls, and viewing bookings. This means it’s easy for multiple staff members to focus on getting prospective parents signed up, and everyone’s always got all of the information they need. Owners and manager can easily keep track of the progress being made, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks. You’re

You’re also able to log and track which staff members are undertaking viewings, meaning you can assess success on an individual level – and perhaps introduce some friendly competition in your settings!

Automatically add enquiries from your website

With just a few clicks, you can now add our enquiry form to your website. This saves you even more time – anyone who fills in the enquiry form has their information added to the Blossom Enquiries App, giving you time to focus on calling enquiries getting those viewings booked in!

Seamless enrolments

Once you get the magic ‘yes’ from a parent, registering the child onto Blossom is smooth sailing – with a few clicks, you are able to mark the child as enrolled, and all of the information you’ve already added is already there within the child’s profile.

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