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Updated Accident and Incident forms allow for greater detail and better parental partnerships

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05 October 2023
Updated Accident and Incident forms

At Blossom we know that nothing is more important than a child’s health and safety. That’s why we’ve updated our Accident and Incident forms with features Blossom customers told us would be most helpful. The updates are designed to put parents’ minds at ease while also helping practitioners to log any accidents and incidents with the necessary care and detail.

Read on to find out how we’ve included:

Body maps

Body maps were one of our most requested features! You can now easily indicate the location of any injuries without needing to scan and upload your own body map document.

Insider tip!

This feature is not mandatory - only use it when it’s relevant.

Updated Accident and Incident forms product update - Body maps

Top ten common injuries

We’re including a new dropdown menu which will allow you to select, with just one click, the most common injury types. Feedback from our customers suggested the options provided will cover about 90% of cases, which should save you plenty of time.

Insider tip!

There will still be an “Other” option available for less common injury types - you can then provide details in the description box.

Updated Accident and Incident forms product update - Top ten common injuries

Home accidents form

We are now providing a similar form for home accidents that families can complete with practitioners at drop-off time, to keep nursery staff up to date on any issues with an individual child.

Insider tip!

Accident and Incident forms will also now be downloadable as PDFs from the Parent App.

Blossom Finance 3 product update - Multiple term dates

More detailed layout

Forms will now offer more information, including: the possibility to detail first aid treatment, the possibility to select multiple witnesses, time stamps, and larger images.

Insider tip!

We’ve also tweaked the format to make it simpler after customers told us they found the layout of the form unclear.

As always, we’ve got more projects on the back burner – there’s an update coming soon on how we’re improving Blossom’s operational planning features. In the meantime, please do get in touch if there are any suggestions you’d like to make for our product. We’re always keen to hear from you!

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