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Save Time.

Less time on paperwork means more time with children.

Save Money.

No more printing costs or buying paper.

Grow Your Business.

Plan for the future and keep your nursery at capacity.

Nursery management software you can trust

Serving single settings to groups 50+

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Ladbroke Square Montessori
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Parent Communication - Share Updates

Send out news, daily updates, reports and more to parents, giving them peace of mind.

See Golden Moments.

Send parents observations with updates on their development.

See Billing Details.

Send invoices and receipts to parents.

Instant Newsletters.

Create editable newsletters or attached your own PDF's and send these direct to the parents via the Blossom parent app.

“Blossom has been instrumental in transforming our school into a more communicative and collaborative community. It has allowed the school to send observations, with both EYFS and Montessori developmental statements to parents.”
Lucy Morley
Ladbroke square montessori school

Never fall behind on funding or invoicing and prepare for the future.

Set-up Funding.

Easily allocate funding that suits you.

Send Invoices to Parents.

Set your unique invoice structure.

Register Payments.

Create credit notes and track account balances.

“From creating invoices to deep financial insights into our business, it is simple but powerful.”
Majella Mcelwee
Happy Tree Nursery
Stay on top of Finances

We’ve been recognised by

We are recognized as one of the best nursery management software according to NMT Nursery Awards 2019, Nursery World 2017 and more than 700 UK and International nurseries that use our App.

Blossom Awards
Track Child Development

Track Child Development

With EYFS, CoEL & Montessori frameworks, writing effective observations has never been easier.

Make Observations.

Make observations and attach media in seconds.

Plan Next Steps.

Never miss a next step: Planning made easy.

Give Feedback.

Effortlessly review and approve observations.


Stress Free Reporting

From allergy reports to progress checks, Blossom has everything in one place.

Instantly Generate.

Automatically generate Comparison reports & Progress trackers.

Formative Reports.

Create individual formative reports and share with parents.

Cohort Tracking.

Create at-a-glance summaries of your children’s progress.

“I am genuinely a better Manager, when I speak with OFSTED I am confident and know the children better.”
Karen Creighton
Cherubs Ladybrook
Stress Free Reporting
Occupancy & Staff Planning

Keep track of your children’s and staffing requirements with ease.

Check Ratios.

See instant staffing ratios for any point in the future.

Reach Capacity.

Help your nurseries to reach full capacity.


Forecast future attendance.

“With occupancy, there’s no more scraps of paper or endless hours spent creating staff rotas!”
Hiral Bharadwa
Inspire Montessori

Blossom has a special group dashboard for you to manage your nurseries in one place.

Group Dashboard.

The dashboard shows you data from all your sites.

Group Settings.

Change finance and general settings across sites at once.

Group Reporting.

See summary reports from all nurseries in one.

“Blossom has cut time spent on paperwork, meaning our team can focus on the the children.”
Susan Mills
Cherubs day nurseries (14 settings)
Group Features
Staffing & HR | Overview

Manage your staffing requirements from an efficient and intelligent centralized system.

Staff Profiles

Complete visibility over the team.


Simplify payroll and shift allocation.

Staff Leave

Complete control and flexibility.

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