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Serving single settings to groups 50+

child plays private nursery
3 settings
Ladbroke Square Montessori
1 setting
Banana moon
52 settings
Cherubs day nurseries
14 settings
st peters nursery
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Bright Kids Nursery
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Jelly Beans Day Nursery
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Tuesday, Jan 18th 2022

Save your time and money

Less time on paperwork means more time with children. No more printing costs or buying paper.

Grow your nursery business

Plan for the future and keep your nursery at capacity.

Blossom can save you thousands.

Not sure if nursery software is right for you? Check out our savings calculator and see your saving potential.

The new EYFS is here.

The introduction of Development Matters 2021 & Birth to 5 Matters has brought many changes to EY settings.


Solving real nursery needs

From the knowledge of our own nurseries and working directly with our cutomers, we know what works in practice. We build features that help staff and parents.

Boost parent engagement

Bring the focus back on each child’s delightful moments at the nursery and improve collaboration with families through the Parent App.

Blossom Childminder Management Software

We’ve been recognised by

We are recognized as one of the best nursery management software according to NMT Nursery Awards 2019, Nursery World 2017 and more than 700+ UK and International nurseries that use our App.

Blossom Awards
Staff Rota Macbook

Manage your staffing requirements from an efficient and intelligent centralized system.

Staff Profiles

Complete visibility over the team.


Simplify payroll and shift allocation.

Staff Leave

Complete control and flexibility.

Track Child Development

Monitor Child Development

Ensure children are reaching their potential through Blossom’s child development software.

Start Off Strong

Easily assess where new children are in their learning and development.

Access Multiple Frameworks

Birth to 5 Matters, Development Matters, Montessori and more.

Record Key Moments

Document development through pictures and videos, and share with parents.


Stress Free Reporting

From allergy reports to progress checks, Blossom has everything in one place.

Instantly Generate.

Automatically generate Comparison reports & Progress trackers.

Formative Reports.

Create individual formative reports and share with parents.

Cohort Tracking.

Create at-a-glance summaries of your children’s progress.

Stress Free Reporting

I am genuinely a better Manager, when I speak with OFSTED I am confident and know the children better.

Karen Creighton
Karen Creighton
Cherubs Ladybrook

Blossom has cut time spent on paperwork, meaning our team can focus on the the children.

Susan Mills
Susan Mills
Cherubs day nurseries (14 settings)
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