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Blossom Educational’s new and improved Parent App lets you achieve more than ever before.

Introducing a fresh new look for our parent app.


At the press of a button, parents can be kept updated with their children’s progress. Nurseries can send updates, including photos and observations of children. Parents can view their child’s next steps and progress reports from anywhere to help them to continue their development at home.

Diary Updates

Share live updates of what each child has been doing at nursery

Give parents updates on their child throughout the day, leaving them with peace of mind knowing that whilst they are at work, their child is safe, happy and receiving a solid foundation for their education and development.

Learning Journeys

Share each child’s progress and special achievements with parents

Create a strong partnership with parents through the Parent App by sharing children’s progress with parents regularly, keeping them updated and informed with golden moments, reports and assessments.

Billing Features

Parents can receive invoice information and view detailed payment receipts

Parents can view invoices & receipts in one place from the new ‘account’ section. See a breakdown of your bills and your balance indicator which tells you whether you’re in debit or credit.

Observations from home

Parents can share the special moments captured at home, or anywhere

Allow parents to be more involved in their child’s development by capturing moments and sharing observations from home with the child’s nursery to build on. Parents can also send in their own comments.

More Features

Diary updates

See progress and next steps

Update your child's profile

View formative reports

Observations from home

Parent comments

Parent Testimonials

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