Kush Birdi

Kush is the Managing Partner and Co-Founder of Birdi & Co and his team offer specialist legal representation for nursery owners who wish to build nursery groups or who are seeking a smooth transition into exit.

He cherishes the opportunity to work with nursery owners and entrepreneurs in contributing to a sector that shapes the earliest stages of life. As a father, the sector resonates deeply with Kush and the firm’s core belief of bringing enthusiasm to everything they do.

About Birdi & Co

Birdi & Co is an independent, multi-service law firm that believes by bringing energy and positivity to everything we do, we can achieve better outcomes for our clients.

We believe that high-quality work is a given, but it’s the attitude you adopt in work (and life) that matters most. It’s what delivers real value and helps to cultivate long-lasting client relationships. It’s the more human element of the lawyer/client dynamic that they felt too often got lost, but is the thing that leaves the longest impression once a project is closed.

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