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The Blossom Educational Children’s Foundation (BEC)

At Blossom Educational, corporate social responsibility (CSR) is powered by a simple belief – every child has the right to an education. We’ve helped provide educational resources and access to healthcare to less privileged children in Gujarat, India.

Blossom Educational Children’s Foundation

As part of our corporate mission, Blossom Educational aims to make a positive and sustainable contribution in Gujarat, India by investing in local housing projects and education.

To date with our partners, we have provided shelter to over 200 families, provided education to over 350 children and supported local infrastructure projects.

“For every nursery setting across the world that uses the BE platform, we will provide educational materials to 5 children in Gujarat, India via the BEC Foundation.”

Our Partners

The BEC Foundation operates as a subsidiary of the HT & JH Charitable Trust* (Registered Charity No: 1116718)

Recent Projects

During January 2016 via donations made through the HT & JE Charitable Trust the BEC foundation led recent charitable efforts providing educational materials to pre-schools in India.

As part of the charitable trip the foundation also sponsored the Gujarat Swimathon 2016, a prestigious swimming competition for disabled and less privileged individuals.

Other recent projects include an African Project ‘Race for Life, Cycle for Life’. The Trust also donates frequently in the UK most recently to Great Ormond Street.

Recent Projects

The BEC Foundation launched it’s first Pre-School Programme in Gujarat, India in January 2017
“Gujarat Swimathon 2016”, “Kenya Cycle for Life” whilst also continuing work in the UK with donations to the Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity

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