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Run Your Business Effortlessly

Childminder Management Software : Run Your Business Effortlessly

No Age Limit

As a childminder, you don’t follow the same structure as a normal nursery, we know that. With Blossom, you can add a child, no matter their age! Keep parents informed on how their child is getting on, whether they are developing in the EYFS, or completing their school homework under your supervision.

Childminder Management Software : Easy Registration

Easy Registration

Sign children in and out with a tap. Record any absences and make notes to keep a detailed record of their day.

Childminder Management Software : Booking Patterns

Booking Patterns

Be flexible with Blossom’s booking patterns. Create a child’s booking pattern and easily add extra sessions with ease.

Connect with Parents

Childminder Management Software : Diary Updates

Diary Updates

With Blossom, you can send out diary updates to parents. Update them on meals, activities, nappy changes and bottles!

Childminder Management Software : Send Newsletters

Send Newsletters

Important updates to share? Keep parents in the loop with Blossom’s News sharing feature with updates sent straight to the Parent App.

Childminder Management Software : Parent Timeline

Parent Timeline

The Blossom Parent App allows parents to stay updated with their child’s day. They can recieve live or scheduled updates from their childminder which includes photos, meal updates and more!

Childminder Management Software

Follow Their Journey

The Parent App has a Journey tab where parents can view special moments, assessments and upload their own special moments. Create a strong connection with parents with a personal touch.

Track Balances

No more worrying about late payments! The Accounts section gives parents a detailed overview of their outstanding and paid invoices.

Do you own a group of nurseries?

Blossom has group features built to boost businesses.

Montessori Software System : Group of nurseries

See all of Blossom’s Business Boosting Features.

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