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Nursery software: Draft invoices and children booking patterns

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10 December 2020
Here’s what you can expect:

Toilet training

We have added a Toilet Training section onto the Diary connected via the Child Profile. This means you can now specify if a child is currently potty training and will need regular visits to the toilet. To let the platform know which children are currently training.

Click Children > Child > Nursery Information > Edit Pencil > Training.

Similar to the Nappy Chart, the child will automatically appear on the days they are signed in. To add an entry on the chart.

Toilet training

Click Diary > Nappies/Toileting > Add Toilet Training > Input fields > Submit.

Another process off of paper and onto Blossom!

There is a toggle to specify if the child has had an accident and an open comment box to add any details you wish to share with a parent (perhaps a change of clothes!) You also have the ability to add a nappy change as we know, children can be in between stages.

Add toilet training

Multiple draft invoices

We have removed the restriction on Draft Invoices from 1, to multiple. These drafts do not have a reference number until sent. This can be automatically generated or chosen by the user.

Child > Finance > + Invoice > Input information > Calculate > Save draft.

Top tip:

Our ‘Save Draft’ button has been redesigned and is now sitting in the top right corner of the invoice. You can also click the three dots to download the invoice or mark it as sent.

Multiple draft invoices

Sending draft invoices

When sending a Draft Invoice a pop up will appear giving you two options.

Apply an automatic invoice number (this will be generated as part of your invoice number sequence).

Or, to add your own customised number.

The pop up will also provide you with an insight into the child’s debit or credit and the recipients selected to receive the invoice.

Child > Finance > Click into draft > Send > Pop up appears > Enter specific information > Send.

Top tip:

This debit and credit amount is linked to the child’s current outstanding balance.

Sending draft invoices

Funding allocation improvements

To provide a clear insight into how funding has been applied, we have made a few enhancements to Manual Funding.

Click Finance > Funding > Select a Child > Edit Pencil.

On each week you will see a green, yellow or grey tick.

Green tick:

The full amount of funding has been allocated correctly.

Yellow tick:

The funding has been over allocated. This could be due to funding being split over partial weeks or perhaps two different funding types are applied.

Grey tick:

The full amount of funding has not been applied.

In short, you are looking for all Green ticks!

Funding allocation improvements

Children booking patterns

We had many nurseries submit feedback in regards to the children’s booking patterns. Previously you were able to amend past session sets which caused nurseries to lose visibility into previous amendments as these were continuously being updated in the past.

To improve this, you are now able to simply end a session set and create a new one. You can not amend a session set from the past as this has already happened and been invoice for.

Click Children > Child > Booking Pattern > Edit pencil on current session set > Untick ‘ongoing’ > Add end date > Save.

Children booking patterns

Children export

Just a reminder you can now export your children!

Click Children > Three dots > Export children.

You can enter a specific child or a group. You can also select a date range and whether you would like to include archived children.

Top tip:

The children exported will be the children that have started within the date range selected.

Children export

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