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Blossom software: Tagged Funding & Occupancy Child Preview

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10 September 2020
Here’s what you can expect:

Tagged Funding

We have improved the way Blossom handles funding allocation. We have changed the navigation, design and sped up the process to save you time.

Click Finance > Funding. Here you will be able to see the funding overview screen as shown above.

Click + Create to add a brand new funding type. This is the same process and format as before to keep the feature familiar and consistent.

There are a range of filters to narrow down your search.

Create Funding Type
Tagged Funding

Age Range & Room

You can select a specific age range or room to see children that could be eligible for upcoming funding.

Date Picker

By selecting the date picker, you are able to see the funding allocated (or not allocated) within said time.


Here you are able to filter through

Based on the date picker, you will be able to see the children in a list format and whether they have funding assigned. Select a child or a group of children and click Assign Funding. This will allow you to bulk assign a funding type from your drop down. That’s right, BULK ASSIGN in one action.

If you have Automatic Funding, job done!

Create Funding Type

If you have Manual Funding you will need to apply the funded hours to the child’s sessions. Click Allocate and this can be completed in a neat pop-up.

Assign Funding Type

If you are not sure if your funding is Automatic of Manual, check out the simple cheat sheet below!

Cheapest Monthly Sessions

This will appear as Automatic Funding.

Manually Allocated

This will appear as Manual Funding.

Subtract from Invoice

This will appear as Automatic Funding.

You are also able to add multiple funding types so why not add the whole academic year!

Occupancy Child Preview

After the great response from last month’s occupancy release, we then went on to enhance this feature even more so.

More > Occupancy > Occupancy Report > Weekly Occupancy Report

The report shows the children behind the numbers and which children are present, absent, on holiday or have extra sessions booked.

Untitled-2 [Converted]

12:00 - 18:00

The tick icon shows present children and the times of their session sets.

Untitled-3 [Converted]


The thermometer icon shows when a child is absent from your nursery due to sickness.

Untitled-4 [Converted]


The sun icon is shown when a child is away on holiday.

Untitled-1 [Converted]

07:00 - 18:00

The + icon is displayed when a child has an extra session booked in and the time they are expected in and out of nursery.

Occupancy Child Preview

For a detailed view, click the arrow to open up the drop down!

Occupancy Child Preview detailed view

System Owner

We have created a new ‘System Owner’ role. This role is typically the Primary Contact for the nursery. There can only be one System Owner.

To update your System Owner, click More > Settings > Nursery Info. You will not be able to change the System Owner within the Staff section.

The System Owner role is only eligible to Nursery Managers. When upgrading a staff member to a System Owner, you are also upgrading their access levels to Manager.

July update : System Owner

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