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Blossom Educational Sub-Processor List

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Sub-processor Location of Processing Description of subcontracted service(s) Customer data processed
Zoom Germany Used to provide Customer support via phone Customer telephone numbers
Amazon Web Server Ireland Data Centre for hosting our Platform All Customer-owned data put into the Blossom Platform
GoCardless Europe and the USA Direct debit payment processing of payments to Blossom. Where required with the use of an appropriate Transfer Mechanism. Customer contact names
HubSpot Europe and the USA Customer relationship management such as contact records (tickets) and contractual information. Handling Blossom's written customer support interactions. Where required under the use of an appropriate Transfer Mechanism. Contact details of the Customer
Microsoft Office 365 Europe and the USA Used by Blossom as a provider of email services, word processing and spreadsheets. Contact details of the Customer
Stripe Europe and the USA Payment processing. Where required with the use of an appropriate Transfer Mechanism. Payer details including name, email, address, and other data as necessary for payment processing. Documentation provided to Blossom by the Customer in relation to payment disputes and potential documents relating to KYC and AML regulations. Blossom does not process the full card number. Such information is transmitted directly to Stripe and is subject to the terms between the Customer and Stripe.
Microsoft Azure Netherlands Data Centre for CPM Live Data from within the Blossom Platform where CPM Live is part of the services provided by Blossom at the Customer's request.
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