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Blossom Software: Formative Reports, Dietary & Allergy Report

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27 February 2020
Blossom Educational - Software update: February 2020

Designated Email Address

We have added an extra field within the Nursery Information Settings. This field is for the email address you would like to show on your Parent App home page, as shown on the right. 

Designated Email Address

Simple Room Moves

We are continuously making design improvements to the platform. We have identified a few areas of the platform that would benefit from cleaner design or more information into how the feature works.

Look out for new information bubbles and pop-ups! This month, we have added a pop up when editing Room Moves! 

Room Moves

Accessible Formative Reports

We have changed the way Formative Reports open on mobile devices! We have thrown out the Zip File and brought in PDF’s. Now all Parents will be able to access Formative Reports whatever the device.

Formative Reports

Filter Dietary & Allergy Reports

You are now able to filter through Allergies & Additional Dietary Requirements. 

We have also added helpful totals at the top to keep track of children with specific dietary needs. 

Dietary & Allergy Report

In our next few updates look out for…

The countdown is on! This month, we reached out to a handful of pilot nurseries to invite them to test our brand new parent app! The parents have been enjoying all of the new & improved features. Look out for more announcements soon! 


We’re adding more reporting features to your platform! Look out for forecasting features to help track your future finances. Group forecasting will also be available! 

reporting features

We’re going to be introducing newsletters through Blossom! You will be able to send out one way messages directly to parent’s email and to the parent app. 



We have some fresh new faces on the scene! 

Introducing Anissa, in our New Business Team & Michele in our Service Excellence Team. Over to them … 



My name is Anissa and I have 10+ years of experience in education & business. I have had various managerial & advisory roles in the early years sector across schools & day nurseries. 

“The environment at Blossom is so friendly & supportive” 


My name is Michele and I have an extensive background in Customer Service. I have had my own children too so from a parent perspective, I can really see the value. 

“I’ve really enjoyed getting to know the software and those who use it!” 

Blossom Newsblast!

We’re not just a snazzy bit of kit – we are much much more. Blossom is a Software as a Service (SaaS) Business and we do just that, create innovative software and serve you. 

Every month we visit our current customers to see how they are getting along & to carry out onsite training sessions. These sessions are bespoke and can range in timeframes & topics.

01923 545 200​

If you feel you need a refresher on Blossom or are a brand new customer and want help with your Staff and Parent Launch, call us.

On the 7th and 8th of February, we paid a visit to the Nursery world show in London. It was great to catch up face to face with some of our amazing customers as well as building up relationships with new ones! Everyone was excited to see sneak peeks of some of our upcoming releases! 


We at Blossom love to come out and see you! Whether you’re a new customer or an existing one, we’re always happy to show you through the software whenever you feel like you could use a refresher!* 


Here’s a recent training session we had with Humpties Day Nursery Group!

*costs may apply

Humpties Day Nursery Group

At Blossom, we love to invest in the future success of children in more ways than one, at home and overseas. 

coaching classes

Here’s a snap from one of our recent coaching classes we held to give children a head start in life. 

coaching classes

See us soon!

Childcare and Education Expo

We’ll be exhibiting at the Childcare and Education Expo in London next month and we hope to meet with as many of you as possible! Come and see us at stand A6. 

Last month as Nursery World, we met Natasha Jarvis, owner of Stepping Stones Day Nursery… 

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