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Choosing Blossom’s Nursery Software: Natterjacks day Nursery’s experience

Mai-Ling Duckworth, Director at Natterjacks Day Nursery
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08 June 2023
Choosing Blossom - Natterjacks Day Nursery - article cover

What made Natterjacks choose Blossom?

“What really impressed us was that Blossom is UK based. Our previous nursery software was based overseas and their customer service all used to leave around 4 o’ clock. We couldn’t just pick up the phone and speak to them. Blossom is the opposite.”

What features are most beneficial to the Natterjacks management team?

“The invoicing and finance side are so much simpler than it was on our previous nursery software. It saves us much more time. We absolutely love that the platform can automatically remind the parents that the invoices are due!”

Our parents have said that Blossom is a lot easier to navigate as well! They like the layout of the parent app and some have commented that the invoices are a lot easier to understand.

What does the Natterjacks team say about Blossom?

“The team is loving it! To do an observation is quicker & linking to the different areas is quicker too. It is so much easier to navigate; everything is there right in front of you on the BlossomBoard. Blossom even looks so much more professional and easy as opposed to being very formal.”

We love the new Likes and Comments feature. It is so nice that the parent can send us a comment & it's great to know they are acknowledging the information.

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