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Settling in Sessions Part One: Writing your Settling in Policy

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03 January 2018
Settling in Sessions Part One, Writing your Settling in Policy

Entering a childcare setting can be a huge benefit to not only children but their families too. This is why a good settling in policy and procedure is key. Here are a few pointers to think about when writing your Settling in Procedure!

Decide on the length of your settling in period.

This will give an estimate for both your practitioner and parent.

How many sessions would you like to fit into this period?

Short and regular sessions are always a good approach.

Always consider having your visits at quiet periods of the day.

Sometimes a child settling in may need a 1:1 ratio so having extra staff & a calm setting can be a crucial element to a smooth transition.

Is wary of unfamiliar people

Always make your parents feel comfortable. Communication is key! Providing them with photos and live updates through our Blossom Parent App is priceless.

It’s quite normal for a parent to want to stay, especially for the first visit.

Although after a little while settings should encourage the parent to leave for a period of time – slowly, slowly is definitely the best way!

Ensure your Key People take time getting to know their Key Groups

Settling in sessions are designed to bridge the gap between home and nursery and this is a great way to develop a secure attachment in a new environment.

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