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How Blossom’s management software can help my Montessori nursery

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03 June 2020

For all the Montessori owners, are you looking out for advanced methods to manage your Montessori efficiently? Montessori management software is the perfect solution you are looking for. This interface provides you a centralised Montessori framework to support your professional growth.

Understanding the needs to run a Montessori successfully, Blossom Educational offers a specially crafted centralised Montessori software designed by expert professionals. This software makes management easier than ever with its technologically advanced features.

It enables you to manage enrolment, payment processes, schedules, student data, tracking, attendance, billing, and other recordkeeping tasks that save time and maintains the data organised perfectly.

Easy links to EYFS

Using this software, you can easily link Montessori activities to the Early Years Foundation Stage Statutory Framework (EYFS). When you create an observation, the Montessori activities can be linked directly onto the EYFS framework listed from the 500+ activities.


The Montessori follow-on feature is a truly valuable feature that offers a variety of skills for the development of children and boosts confidence among practitioners to select activities that will impact the children positively.

Keep a Track of Development

This is an important feature that we provide to monitor the progress of each child and creates a report based on the observations. This helps to track the child’s overall progress and check out the areas where improvement is required.

Monitor Attendance

All the check-ins and check-outs are monitored and the records are maintained, and this attendance report can be shared with staff and parents. This is a very useful planning tool that makes the work simpler and easier for administrators and keep a track of openings, making your work easier to allow children from the waiting list to the classrooms.

Maintain Health Records

Monitoring children’s health is very important and this data should be recorded for further reference. Our software allows you to keep track of all the medical data of students. Health conditions such as food allergies and dietary restrictions are recorded for the safety of children.

Organise Data in a Centralised Framework

Easy access to all the students’ development data, emergency contacts, and attendance (staff and students) can be monitored using our interface.

Training Made Easy

This interface is easy-to-use and the newly joined staff can learn the techniques quickly. It also maintains a record of certifications and other educational requirements.

Safe and Secure Payments

We build an easy-to-use software that allows safe and secure payments. It accepts debit cards, credit cards, e-check payments through the online portal for parents. It keeps all the records of payments from various modes such as a mobile app, auto-pay, or in person. All the transactions are carried on quickly and their records are maintained accurately.

Customise Reports

Reports and screens can be customised that ensure the use of data productively and helps to drive decisions that are beneficial for your business program and increases your business value. This is a helpful software to build a brighter future for the student of your Montessori.

Assistance from our Team

Our highly-experienced and dedicated team will guide you in case of any queries or extend support in the educational activities. Our customer support specialists have experience in helping schools to grow, flourish, and build a bright future for students. Our satisfaction lies is your good work and we will be happy to help you whenever you need us.

Why wait, when you know what is needed for proper Montessori management? We are here to guide you further.

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