Coronavirus Resource Centre

During this uncertain time, we want to provide our Customers with reassurance and support. We’ve collected the latest UK Government advice and resources to help you stay informed and keep parents happy.


For information on how we’re operating during this time, visit:

Government Advice

  • Advice from the government is changing constantly, this page is updated every day at 2pm and is a reliable resource for general advice.


  • You can also find general health advice on the NHS website.


  • To keep track of information regarding Early Years closures, the DfE has released some useful information.

Business Support

New measures to protect businesses are being announced constantly, which have been set out by Chancellor, Rishi Sunak. These include:


  • A Government initiative to pay up to 80% of employees wages was announced in an effort to minimise job losses. This scheme should come into effect by the end of April and will cover wages up to £2,500 a month.


  • All UK businesses are eligible for support through deferring VAT and Income Tax payments and will apply from 20 March 2020 until 30 June 2020.


  • The government will bring forward legislation to allow small-and medium-sized businesses and employers to reclaim Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) paid for sickness absence due to COVID-19 for businesses with less than 250 employees.


News for Nurseries


  • You can find rolling updates on how OFSTED will be functioning here. At the moment, they have suspended all routine inspections, however urgent inspections where concerns have been raised will still go ahead.



  • The Early Years Alliance has released a lot of useful information which is industry specific and may be useful.


  • The Department for Education has also started up a helpline which you can reach by calling 0800 046 8687 or sending an email to

Make the Most of Blossom

Our platform will remain up and running and most importantly, we will be innovating. You will see lots of new features and released over the upcoming weeks and months providing you with a little bit of good news in this difficult time. 



To help support you, we’ve released our newsletter feature early! With our new newsletter feature, you can keep staff and families in the loop. Heres a few ideas!


Activity at Home Sheets.

These can be EYFS focused or simply something spontaneous. We have a few examples to download on our Corona Resource Centre.


Parents can also use our Parent App to respond & show you how they’ve got on at home. Parents can add photos & descriptions meaning there is no reason why a child’s learning journey needs to go on pause.

Video Classes

Lots of nurseries are providing families with video links through this feature. One of our Customers is carrying out an online music and movement class every morning for each age group in the nursery. This allows children to keep active and in communication with their key persons.


Latest News and Guidance

Updates can be sent to families but also staff. You can send the latest news and guidelines to keep everyone informed. No need to worry about accidentality missing someone off of your list as Blossom created your Mailing List automatically.



Whilst many nurseries and staff have downtime, now is a great opportunity to perfect our observation writing.


Demo Children
Lots of nurseries have created a Demo Child for Practitioners to practice and improve their Observation & Assessment writing.


Feedback Feature
Our Feedback Feature allows Practitioner to write real observations and assessments with the ability for a senior or manager to provide feedback or appreve. This means that observations can still br written and completed whilst being remote.


Child Profiles & Assessments

We all want to keep up to date and organised but sometime in a busy nursery this feel impossible. Now is the time to cleanse and update your Blossom Data.


Child Profile

The progress wheel will show you how much information there is to complete.You can ensure all of the contact information is there and up to date, confirm room moves and session sets for when you return.


Going through your existing settings for nursery information, sessions, default room moves and reviewing authorised devices is a smart idea to make sure that the system is running the way it should be.


Finance users can update any discounts, consumables and invoice settings, but this is a good time to start setting it up if you don’t use finance!

Activities at Home

We’ve been working with the talented members of staff at our own nurseries to generate as many home activities as we can for you. These can be sent out to parents via the Blossom App or shared in any other way to keep the children entertained! You can download the PDFs below to get started!


The DfE has also released some good resources for correct hand washing for children.