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Humpty Dumpty Case Study

With Tim Hopkins
4 min of reading
30 November 2021
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What challenges led you to look for a solution like Blossom?

We looked for many options before we found the right choice – Blossom. We were experiencing issues around efficiency at the setting. We were using lots of different bits and pieces of software to do what Blossom can do all in one.

We were also unhappy with the administration and finance system that we were using. We needed to find a solution that would not only streamline this process, but work well for the people who were using it every day. This also applies to the learning journey aspect of our setting.

Nothing was being done to develop the product we were using at the time. So we looked for a solution that would make positive changes and be reactive, rather than something that was simply put out to the market and stayed the same. And we have certainly found that with Blossom.

Did you explore any other solutions prior to finding Blossom?

We reached out to companies that you could consider to be similar to Blossom. The one thing that sold Blossom to us was their family ethos. At Humpties nursery, we are one big family so this was essential for us. For example, actually knowing who your account manager was, and being able to put a face to the customer support was fantastic.

And don’t forget the Blossom owners. They set the vision for the company and they were very handson – but not pushy. They gave us the time we needed to explore, ask questions, and they came back with solutions to future features with timelines. I can say with confidence that Blossom is going from strength to strength.

What were your expectations towards Blossom?

Our goal was to make sure that it was a product fit for purpose, and that it was going to work for the people using it every single day. It had to work for the practitioners, administrators, the finance team, and the nursery managers. Also we needed to make sure that they provided good support, so we knew that they would be there if we needed them. Our goal was certainly about streamlining the process – for everybody!

What feature do your team use most frequently?

When we take into consideration the Covid-19 pandemic, the part that has helped our settings the most, and will most likely continue to be one of the best things about Blossom, is their daily diary feature. It provides every day, instant communication with parents. Everyone is living in a world that is still very anxious when it comes to Covid-19, but parents being able to see those photos and read what their children have been up to has been so important.

My relationship with the Blossom team has been fantastic. The person who met with us and told us about the product initially has taken us through our entire Blossom journey. Our managers know that Blossom is there to help by logging a ticket or simply picking up the phone. And that’s been the same for our accounts team and our administrators as well.

Were you able to make any improvements to your business?

Since using Blossom, the amount of time it’s taken to enrol a new child into the setting has decreased significantly. Additionally, being able to tell parents on mass when a big group meeting isn’t appropriate in the times that we’re in at the moment has been fantastic. Overall there is a lot less paperwork, planning has become simpler which provides staff with more opportunities to sit and play with the children. And we have noticed that they have less stress because of this so we have happier staff!

Thank you Humpty Dumpty Day Nurseries for talking with us about how Blossom has improved your nursery business! Interested to level up your nursery like Humpty Dumpties did?

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