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Easier nursery management

Save your nursery time and money by automating your financial, staffing and operational processes.

Generate and send invoices digitally to promote accurate and on-time payments from parents and grow your nursery’s revenue.

Have complete visibility over staff their qualifications, payroll and leave taken to help create a loyal and nurturing environment- and retain staff!

See your children’s numbers at a glance and understand staffing requirements easily.

Our operational reports give you valuable data to run your setting (such as dietary preferences and allergy reports).


Enhance parental communication

Boost parent engagement with their child’s world thanks to our new and improved Blossom Parent App available on iOS and Android.

Give parents peace of mind

by sending instant diary updates about their child’s learning at nursery. Use our ‘golden moments’ to highly special events- it’ll make the parent's day we promise.

Make parents happy with paperless billing

comprehensive and accurate invoice information and receipts are sent digitally.

Build parent partnerships

by regularly sharing children’s progress and development with our learning journeys. (Bonus- this allows for more meaningful pickups and drop-offs).

Improve parent collaboration at home

as parents are able to share special moments from home for your nursery then to build on.

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Stepping Stones Preschool Feb 2020.
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Colourbox Montessori
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