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How do I help my child settle at nursery?

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09 January 2018
How do I help my child settle at nursery

Leaving your child for the first time can be traumatic for both child and parent! There are no quick fixes and every child is different – but fear not! There are ways in which you can help aid a smooth transition.

Time is everything!

Some children can take days to settle, some weeks and some months and all are completely normal.

Do you know what else is normal? Tears!

Although not pleasant, tears when you arrive at nursery (and sometimes before you’ve even left the house) are part of the transition.

Resist temptation to sneak out when your child is engrossed in an activity

Although tempting, the best way is to make your child aware you are leaving. Kisses, cuddles a goodbye and swift exit work wonders!

Parents, be confident in your decision. You have chosen your nursery setting for a reason.

Talk to your child about their new friends, teachers and even exciting toys and activities. If you are positive about Nursery your child will be too.

Read books about starting school!

Although this is a simple idea, it is known to be extremely effective. Children can relate to things familiar to them.

Routine is important!

Talk to your child about the daily routine and let them help! For example, tasks encouraging your child to help pack their nursery bag or putting on their shoes can turn a stressful morning into something fun!

Please remember their comforter!

If you child has a soother when unsettled ensure the setting know and have access to this during this period.

Play dates with their new class

This is a great way to bring the nursery home and socialise your child with their new friends. This can also provide you with a supportive network of parents all going through the same transition.

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