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How advertising your nursery software can help convert parents to sign up

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17 March 2023
How advertising your nursery software

Your nursery software can be the deciding factor for some parents when choosing the right nursery for their child. Knowing they will be involved and regularly updated with their child’s development is a big tick for prospective nursery parents and carers.

Advertising your nursery software during walkarounds and on your setting’s website can be the reassurance some families need to choose your childcare provision as their first choice. In this article, we unpick how to advertise your nursery software in a way that works to convert prospective parents to join your nursery setting.

What you will find in this article:

    What are parents looking for when choosing a nursery for their child?

    Generally speaking, your setting has just three chances for a positive first impression with prospective parents: via a phone call, through website enquiries, and by attending a walkaround. Time, manner and ease of communication can be telling signs of how a nursery setting is managed.

    Ensure all team members are aware of the importance of these interactions, remaining polite and helpful even during the busiest times. Your website should direct your enquiries immediately to yourself or your deputy- so, how are you currently managing this? Blossom’s nursery software sends instant notifications informing you when an enquiry is made. No more late replies or missing prospective parents. This sends a strong message of organisation and the detailed attention provided at your setting- right from the very start. Helping you to book parents in for a walkaround sooner and helping you to avoid them choosing another local nursery simply because they responded quicker.

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    Involvement in their child’s nursery journey

    Parents are handing the reins over to nursery practitioners, trusting your team with the safety and well-being of their child. It is a daunting prospect for first-time parents and seasoned parents alike.

    Parents often look for a nursery that will keep them regularly updated about their child’s development and progress. Showing your Blossom Parent App to prospective parents on your walkarounds, and advertising it on your website helps communicate the message to parents that your setting actively puts measures in place to involve them thoroughly in their child’s education journey.

    A convincing factor for parents is being sent a daily digital diary of what their child ventured to at your nursery that day. Pair this with online child profiles that record all important information about their child, and which can be updated by the parent at any time, and you’re on your way to winning over a prospective parent.

    These examples of good communication through regular newsletters, in-app notifications of quick messages, and picture/ video updates helps parents to feel involved in the process. And can be the deciding reason.

    How advertising your nursery software can help convert parents to sign up - illustration 2

    Quality nursery staff training and development

    Staff qualifications and the training they attend will be important to your potential, and current, parents. Sharing your staff’s wider skillset with parents is always a good route to follow as well when it comes to welcoming and impressing new parents at your setting. Whether it’s an additional language or previous work experience.

    You can also discuss that any new qualifications or important information about the staff who will be looking after their children will be shared with parents via the Blossom Parent App. Either by sending a newsletter so parents are informed, or a quick notice message.

    Did you know? Blossom’s staff profiles can easily track and record staff qualifications, helping you to spot when CPD is needed.

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    Nursery grounds and facilities to impress parents

    The outdoor learning facilities can be a top feature of your setting. Parents like to visualise their child exploring the outdoor equipment and engaging with the indoor learning resources. Showcase the unique aspects of your facilities and nursery location through your nursery software.

    For example, your setting may be near the local beach or forest or have excellent public transport links. Share these via Blossom’s Parent App and your website to stand out from the local competition, reassuring parents of the wonderful learning journey their child will receive when in your care.

    Inclusive nursery practice tailored to SEND

    Parents may be concerned about the provision if their child requires additional support from the SEND team within your nursery. Reassure them that with the online child profile on Blossom, they can personalise any and all information they wish to disclose with you. From medical information, to family news, to updating their child’s likes and dislikes. They can tap their Blossom Parent App on their phone and ensure their child’s individual preferences and needs are communicated to key workers immediately.


    You can also share your inclusive practice methods and inclusion strategies for SEND children in an online newsletter sent straight to the parent’s phone. Keeping regular and up to date communication with them.

    How advertising your nursery software can help convert parents to sign up - illustration 4

    How your nursery software can help convert parents

    Showcase your nursery software to prospective parents to give confidence in your team, demonstrating that parental engagement is high on your priorities and tracking child development. There are several ways that your nursery software can help to convert parents into becoming customers. Let’s explore some.

    Build strong parent-nursery relationships

    Effective working partnerships rely on trust, communication and shared expectations. Your team should use your nursery software to build positive parent-nursery relationships. Discuss Blossom’s sharing home observations feature with prospective parents. And inform them that by having this tool offered to parents, it helps to link their child’s education from home to nursery. Ensuring they get the best possible start in their first five years.

    You can even suggest an example scenario of: “If you send a home observation of Joey walking over the weekend, our practitioners will know to build on this skill at nursery that Monday. Simply snap a picture, send it to us via your Blossom Parent App, and we can work together to get Joey running!”

    Support anxious parents in the early years

    First-time parents can be particularly anxious about leaving their child when they begin nursery; some parents and children may need additional support with steps to settling into the nursery routine. During parent walkarounds, share the importance of having transparent practices with the families. Highlight the diary timeline feature which will show parents that all important information is logged such as bottles, nappy changes, meals and sleep time via the Blossom App.

    And emphasise how this helps parents take care of their child when they’re back at home. For example, if a parent clicks on the Blossom Parent App and sees their child ate a lot at nursery today, they won’t be too worried if they don’t have much of an appetite at dinner time. These specific, everyday examples help reinforce that message to prospective parents that your nursery works to make their parent-life as smooth as possible while putting their child first.

    Blossom Educational - Parents App - Diary

    Increase child development and progress

    Parents are keen for their child to begin their educational journey on a strong footing, expecting your staff to track their development against the EYFS framework and highlight any early concerns. Explain that by using your nursery software, their child’s progress is monitored and recorded, and shared easily with parents to identify a clear understanding of their child’s next steps.

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    Smooth interactions between parents and practitioners

    Sharing your chosen nursery software and your setting’s priorities for high quality communication can not only persuade parents to choose your nursery but can be the smooth beginning of a working relationship. Discuss that your policies and useful documentation are always accessible via the Parent App. Meaning your parents can research and answer as many of their own questions as they’d like.


    With Blossom’s in-app messaging, parents can even send a quick text if they need help clarifying something. And only certain, leadership members of your staff will have permission to reply and ensure they are given the correct information every time.

    Flexible to parents' needs and working patterns

    Work meetings and appointments can pop up throughout the week, and parents can be left struggling to find childcare. Thanks to Blossom’s nursery software, explain to prospective parents on the walkaround that they are able to book extra sessions via the Parent App as needed.

    Parents love this stress-saving feature and recognise that your nursery understands parents’ busy schedules and the need for flexibility. Be sure to discuss that another advantage of joining your setting is that parents will be accommodated with online fee payments. All invoices are sent to the Blossom Parent App, and they can click and pay instantly. No calls/bits of paper will be going back and forth between them and your setting!

    How advertising your nursery software can help convert parents to sign up - illustration 6

    Give professional confidence to parents

    Whether you’re a small childminding business or a large group of private nurseries, you want to demonstrate your professionalism to your prospective parents from the very beginning. Blossom’s software is beautifully designed and purposefully simple to use for staff and parents.

    When parents share important information such as allergies and contact information, they will gain confidence from the professional format of Blossom, eliminating worries that important messages and information will be shared through paper-based methods with a higher risk of human error.

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