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Blossom Educational Announces Exciting Partnership with Womco

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20 November 2023
Womco Partnership Press release

At Blossom Educational, we are thrilled to announce our exciting new partnership with Womco, a fantastic company dedicated to revolutionising workplace health, one woman at a time. This collaboration marks yet another milestone in our journey to benefit the lives of nursery owners and those they employ to shape future generations.

Supported by leading experts in doctors, gynaecology, and nutrition. Womco was designed to allow companies to take an active stance on supporting their female employees with digital hormonal health care at their fingertips.

Through this partnership, customers of Blossom Educational will have access to savings on the Womco app. Everyone at Blossom cannot wait to see how Womco helps the lives of early years practitioners. One woman at a time.

By teaming up with Womco, we are delighted to be empowering the nurseries we serve and highlighting the importance of women's health.

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